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best new games


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Yo so I heard rs took a turn for the worse. So here's a topic where you can discuss what games are best to play after moving on from rs.


Post yor favourites, also prefered genre. Will you keep playing MMORPG games like wow? or maybe FPS going oldschool with counterstrike. Or maybe completely mix it up and play more mindful styled RTS games like Dota2 or sc2?


pcgs worth noting

League of Legends


Mass effect 3

Street fighter

Starcraft 2


Diablo III



fom whats popular on twitch.tv and owned.tv the most popular spectator games are by far with online tournaments being frequent are LoL, SC2 and WoW.

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top computer games


torchlight 2


dota 2


bf3, cod blop2

borderlands 2

mass effect 3 gameplay ( not story)

assassins creed 3


halo 4 ( its fun to play with friends)

dishonored - short but good

walking dead ( never played but heard its good)

mmorpgs - **** ton

dead space 3



games coming out

far cry 3

bioshock infinite

gta 5

total war rome 2

there's probably more too




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I mostly just play Xbox. Halo/Cod came out, so I'll be busy for awhile. If I can get a computer that doesn't freeze all the time, might join a clan because Eoc warring is pretty fun.





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rofl why is a banana






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