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  1. its a scam, they just wanna lure ppl in 2 try eoc (which is actually fun) imo tho, its dumb, why bring the old game back. The game didnt only change, we did. No one wants to spend 5 hours sitting in world 2 fally park spamming selling zerker ring 2m when they have a real life job anymore. The new game or nothing imo. Its the year 2013, we're alll too old except for the 16 year olds. However the offer of old school 2007 days is very appealing, but im done with games for now, ill probs log in to try it if its free etc, but i wont get caught up in dat **** again.
  2. this willl bring the pure world back to life!
  3. brb borrowing ur ip 4 saying that
  4. the old game is gay, eoc is by far more fun. But i'm done with pc games for good. onto real life, time to cut trees irl for money
  5. suck it btlescape fgts http://forums.zybez....s-2012-results/ Even through closure we ****** rape lmfao Best Pure Clan: Runner up: Mayhem Makers Winner:
  6. Main clanning? thats the only thing I can think of. But it would sort of defeat the purpose of 'pure warfare'
  7. "We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails" ;)
  8. Tayyabs beef with foe was a solo ordeal. I was the one behind the order of malicious retaliation, none of which was carried out by them. I told anyone who had access to malicious software to do what needed to be done when I saw green capes in rune armor or our ts was taken out first etc. Once tayyab got access to his **** he just started attacking his grudges and gloating about it days later. None of which I ordered. Too be honest we never used ddosing as a tool to win with, but as an act of retaliation. I've always been open about it and never hid it. If we really hated everyone you believed we ddosed don't you think everyone's forums would have gone off for weeks like fis did lol?
  9. Oh walli, oh fatality. Walli it's a shame you werent able to do much with foe regardless of the momentum cha0s pure and new recruits left for you. I blame you for foes downfall over the years. A downfall I never even thought possible by foe and it's large amount of followers. However you proved me and everyone else wrong. Even with the small community we had these 'scumbags' I promoted surpassed you leadership wise in every way. And to think, solo k1ng came from a w57 cc and yet was able to help keep eop unlike yourself even with everything foe had going. And fatality, you closed before eoc. Your clan simply could not handle the thought of 'another' 4 year slump. Mm had the fact that they were the first ever pure clan backing them up the whole time, thus a giant community. Foe had fame and fortune. Eop had nothing yet still left a far greater impression on the pure world than fi ever could or would have, regardless of if they hated us or if they loved us, there was a damn good reason for doing so. Hate = fear = power = conquest. And that's why no one will remember your name.
  10. Respect for not having respect on runescape :thumbsup:
  11. Ef #1, was a nice run pure community. -EoP join RSD/EF if you plan to continue EoC- don't play battlescape. Good bye.
  12. Bs sucks tho 1 world which gets full 1 world, 10 clans, imagine the weekend trips! fun lmfao sarcasm.
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