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Ruin's F2P Weekend FT: Rage


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51 Glorious Ruin members showed up to the mass for this Saturdays Trip, later peaking at 61. Had 1 goal, to punish Rage, today we again achieved our goal.

Shoutouts to;

Rage, for the free gps

Apex for the tussles

The sick cunts turning up today to destroy Rage


Andre 3.5/10 POV

Skilzz POV

Brandon POV:




Watched Rage walk to Graves, we followed up, hopped over, hit them and ran to multi. Kids ran in, we sat on top of corp hill bowing down and throwing binds dropping whoever got stuck in the front, watched their 40 man pull collapse real quick, didn't have to move, just sat back and chilled watching them get bullied into singles once they knew they were done.

Ruin 1 - Rage 0







Strolled on over to get prayer after still having full food, we seen Rage hop to a P2P world to return. We greeted them at corp entrance bullying anyone who stood outside. Only took them ~15 deaths to catch on what was happening before they finally logged off l0l

Ruin 2 - Rage 0





Rage sitting at graves again, we baited them out. Slammed it yet again, Apex came in and made it a little interesting. Just moved away south, letting Rage of the leash. Threw hands with Apex north of Ca before we seen Rage re-rushing on the join.me

Moved ourselves south into CA where we got pray and clapped a few over aggressive apex members, Rage came in, we threw our capes off and got out of the way and let Rage and Apex have a tussle. Positioned ourselves behind Rage and watched Pink Capes drop to the floor again. Played it smart by moving around CA and sniped in. Apex were just sitting ducks taking arrows to the head and falling over. Rage were getting cleared up and moved it north, we continued moving north attacking whatever Pink or Green straggler before Rage ran and logged out. With Apex inviting some LPC with them to compete, we slowly dragged the fight past 13 wilderness walking to ghost hut, through to sperm hill, slowly throwing binds and ranging out the members over pushing. Got east of sperm where we had a 10 on apex and sat back and got aggressive finishing up the fight. Olympus decided to crash 10 minutes late so both clans moved to singles.

Gf Apex.





Seen Rage south of Graves, simply bowed them out, fight lasted 2 minutes before they were down 35 on the cape counter and hugging singles.

Ruin 3 - Rage 0





Had Rage come at us on corp hill again, played it smart by just bowing down on them again, Apex got involved, so we moved around having a little cluster, Olympus then got involved so we moved into singles. Having 50 on the cape counter still we walked from corp to mossies in singles watching 30 Rage members flame us, not knowing they were getting baited. Got North of Ruins and turned around on them and started giving it to them again. Got agressive with scims and just watched them collapse. Seen Imperial were coming so we tried to lure Rage north a little more however they stood back, which sucked for them they got sandwiched to **** and simply ran into singles.

Hopped over to find Rage in a fall in sitting in multi, Quickly bowed them out getting some easy more kills before they finally moved into singles again. Apex came from the north, so while getting sniped from singles by rage we fired north into apex members sitting in multi not doing anything quickly dropping them lmfao.

Ruin 4 - Rage 0







Having Tussled with CD and Apex in singles for a bit while Rage regrouped we walked down to find them at graves, being low food prayer and opts, we did not care. They hit us in singles, **** that **** we moved into multi down opts. Held our ground good. Cd came in from the west crashing it, played it out, simply stayed north of rage bowing back clearing them off the map. Fight got to boneyard before niblet realized their were less than 10 rage capes on the cape counter and pulled his remaining w308 edge recruits into single.

Stay Ez Rage

Ruin 5 - Rage 0





Rages leak by the end of the trip:


Hopefully we were able to fund him some more returns after losing them all today.

In Rage, Want to Earn some Money, pm an OP in #ruin today.

In Rage, Tired of getting slammed every weekend, Join ruin today.



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