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  1. I'd rather just wait and click continue :-)
  2. Droolz


    just started playing again 2 weeks ago, haha
  3. Enemy Starting:33 Enemy Ending:34 Makes a shitload of sense, lol. ^^
  4. @Solo I piled you in 1st rnd m8. ^^
  5. If you compare main clanning to pure clanning, there'a a big difference. There are more pures nowadays because of the fact that little kids starting out want to take advantage of the game - making it easier for them. If you have a main and it's in a clan, you'd figure out that the communities here (pures) to the communities there (mains) are completely different. Pures have a long way to go before they can consider themselves honorable to a main community due to the fact of trolling. Even in other games, little kids who are **** at the game think they're so good and they have to troll someone else to make them feel better. When in the end the person they're trolling isn't even mad. They're plainly laughing at the ****** who tries to troll and sucks at the game. That's from my personal experience. When I'm in a bad mood, yes, I troll. Not to the extent where it ruins the community as a whole. These dickwads with the 'tl;dr' are just 12 year olds with a GPA of 0.5 playing a game trying to make themself seem cooler because they're trying to 'fit in'. It's disappointing because reading actually makes you smarter and if you had bothered to take 3 minutes to read Keith's post your IQ and your mind would probably feel a lot smarter than sitting at the computer all day frying your brain cells. That coming to mind, the average IQ of a player with a pure is pretty low.
  6. Invalid statement I hate it. e-e /flex Oh man one person's opinion matters so much. Looking at your name TROLL101 OMFG. /end The Hatred.
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