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Ii Ancients


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yo what up doosh-bagels?????????? the names austin but i go by ii ancients in rs.

heres a few things about me:

i pk naked cuz i like the feeling of my own balls against my leg, im pretty much one of the best pkers around.

i am in a clan called carnage which is probably the biggest sausage fest clan in rs, aka every1 likes ****

i hate noobs that claim they're better than me cuz there stats r higher and then im like "booooom headshot boom!!! 33-33-33 maul ko!! 99 hp pl0x?"

im a pretty chill guy when i take my a.d.d. medicine but **** that ****, i never take it


btw im from america and i want to own a nudist resort when i get older so i can let me balls hang out all day and not get arrested, so yeh if u dont like me u can blow urself :lol:

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