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Harddrive Cleanup


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Computer running slow? Check out these tools to help clean it up and get it to run faster.




CCleaner is a program that goes through your computer looking for unnecessary files and deletes them. There are options to wipe your freespace for secure deletion, and an option to check for registry errors.




Defraggler is a program that moves files physically on your harddrive (doesn't change the location electronically) to make them easier to access for your computer.




You can download CCleaner HERE and Defraggler HERE.


Please note both programs are FREE. If it says to donate, you don't have to.

Quit the forums; my channel: #Phillip


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yes, but these are more complex and work better.


its written in C#, ofc its complicated,



(Sorry for double post)



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Hey, if you don't like them, don't use them. I'm just offering my knowledge of these programs to help people out.


@Anthoni: read their website. I'm not going to copy/paste everything just because you're too lazy :|

Quit the forums; my channel: #Phillip


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