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Hijack this is an very useful tool aimed towards finding unnecessary/harmful processes running on your computer. The program scans your computer for processes which are running and outputs them in to a text file, which can then be analysed to find different types of viruses, keyloggers, etc.


To use this program you must have a moderate knowledge of computers.


To begin download the file from here:



Then install.




Next run the program and click "Do a system scan and save the log file".

This will scan your PC for processes then open a text file.




In the text file go to Edit > Select all, then copy everything in there.


Next go to



Paste your log file into the box provided and click "analyze".


This will then take you to a page telling you which processes are good and which are bad. By using the data there you can figure out which processes you must remove.


Hope this helps :)

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I had a website that has some lady that is very well experience in reading the HiJack This logs. She tends to walk people through every step needed to clean up their computer, a lot of time used lol.


Useful though, I'll do it if I need to ;)

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