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Mortal Online


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OK, on other forums I've made really nice looking topics and all that crap but I'm not going to bother with that here, I'll just give you the facts straight up. Just let it be known that this game will not be for the casual crowd, it is for those niche gamers who feel like there is something missing from today's themepark games and who prefer to walk on the razor's edge. The game is currently in it's Beta stage and the launch is scheduled loosely for Quarter 4 of this year. The NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is still in effect so I am not allowed to tell you anything about the Beta yet. Please read the post and check out the website if you like what you read.


Website: http://www.mortalonline.com

Developer: Star Vault

Game Engine: Unreal 3.5 (designed specifically for MMOs)



  • Open PVP (no safe zones, no restrictions)
  • Full loot
  • 100% first person view
  • Real time combat where player skill matters (Similar to TES4: Oblivion but more advanced. Think 10+ hitboxes.)
  • Realistic mounted combat (with both melee, ranged attacks and magic) and no pocketable mounts.
  • Hundreds of skills and secondary skills, including stealing from other players and taming of beasts
  • Enormous crafting system with a confirmed 240 million possible melee weapon combinations.
  • Large seamless gameworld with no instances. 10,000+ players on a server which holds a continent approximatly 64km^2 in size. 5 more continents of similar size are planned for the future.
  • PVE that's actually challenging. (For example, a troll will actually pick you up and bite your head off if given the chance). To make it even more challenging, the Developers can actually take control of any NPC and fight you without you knowing it.
  • One time "epic" creatures or events which could change the game itself and very well put you in the history books.
  • Build your own house anywhere in the game. Build up an entire city with your guild to control the countryside. Spend large amounts of resources to build siege engines and attempt to destroy enemy cities.
  • Religion system. Establish your own religion, gain followers and worship to your god. (For example, constantly praying to your god to change the flow of a river into an enemy's city may very well result in that action with enough supporters).
  • No hovering names over a person's head unless your cursor is actually ON a character.
  • No Dev made quests with canned dialogue and cheesy exclamation points over the heads of NPCs.
  • No minimap, compass or any of that crap cluttering the screen. Use the star/sun cycles and landmarks to navigate unless you create your own custom map or compass ingame.
  • Localized banking. No dropping off your suit of armor at the bank and picking it up again on the other side of the world. Pack animals, caravans and unequal distribution of resources result in real trading.
  • Developers who actually care about their game. They talk on the forum and IRC with us all the time because first and foremost, they are gamers. They care about our opinions and they care greatly about making an excellent game -- money is only a side bonus. Just the other day several of the Developers worked for 48 hours straight so they could get their Beta launch running.
  • Full nudity.


I'm getting a bit tired so I might have left something out, I'll update it if I think of something.

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