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Self sufficient range and some smithing xp.


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40+ Range level.

22+ Smithing (I suggest doing the knight's sword quest for this).

Items : 100+ iron ores, enough ring of forging's so you do not break the ore (140 ore's smelt per ring of forging).


Monsters you will be fighting:

Flesh Crawlers, located in the second floor of the security stronghold at various different rooms.


Step by step guide on what to do;


1. Smelt the iron ores with your rings to get bars of iron.

2. Make them into iron knives.

3. Get your ranged stuff, few food(trout+), iron knives and go to the second level of barbarian section in the security stronghold.

4. Go to the most southeast room (this is the suggested room, there are others).

5. Start killing the flesh crawlers with your ranged (you can safe spot them near each exit).

6. Pick up all the drops u get as well as ur iron knives (dont pick up unnoted iron ores and bottom half sceptre)

7. When ur knives run out you will have about 2 times the amount of iron ores from the drops then you started with

8. On average you should get about 13k fire runes, 300 nats, 1k dust runes, 2.5k cash, 1.2k body runes, 400 iron ores, 1 half key (if lucky) per 2.5k knives used.

9. Repeat from step 1!

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next time post in the actually guides section and use the guide format.


What are you on about? I don't have to use a format for a guide i am writing, its there as a guideline its not a set rule.

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