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Due to the fact that a big part of Pure Warfare's community is set on IRC, I believe that a forum dedicated to mSL would be a good addition to our forum. Below you will find some rules and guidelines concerning the mSL Forum. Be sure to read this entire topic before posting.


Posting Topics


As I do not expect too much activity dedicated to mSL in our forums, I see no need to make multiple sub-forums within this one, such as Script Requests, Script Showcase, Script Help, etc. For that reason, I would like all users to use the following suffixes to their titles when posting new topics.

  • [script] - When posting a script you've written.
  • [Help] - When you are requesting help on a script or with a certain topic.
  • [Request] - When you are requesting a script.
  • [Tutorial] - When posting a guide to a certain subject.




  • No Spamming - Do not post on a script unless you have an intelligent comment/suggestion/question/etc. Useless posts will be deleted.
  • No Flaming - The idea of this sub-forum is for our users to learn. For that reason, do not mock a user for asking a question, making mistakes, or posting scripts you don't like.
  • No Plagiarism - If you're going to post a script which you did not write, give credit to the person who did write it. If you received help or used snippets from another script, give credit.



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