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[Tutorial] Introduction To mIRC

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mIRC Introduction


• What Is mIRC?
• Installation
• Setup
• Connect
• Useful Commands
• Extras

What Is mIRC?

mIRC is a free Internet Relay Chat client which has a powerful and useful scripting interface. This program will soon be easy to use and navigate through. The tutorial for mSL (mIRC Scripting Language) can be found here and a link to find scripts can be found here.


To get mIRC, go here and click the green "Download mIRC" button.


Once installed, run mIRC. A dialog will appear that looks like this:


Just click "Continue" and another dialog will appear:


For the dialog that is shown above, fill it out as the following (be sure to replace it with your actual information):

Full Name: nicknameEmail Address: nickname@Nickname: nicknameAlternative: alt-nickname

Once completed, hit "OK".


To connect to SwiftIRC, type the following in the open window:

/server irc.swiftirc.net -j #PureWarfare

Useful Commands

/join #channel/part #channel message/msg nick message/notice nick message/mode #channel modes/kick # nick reason/hop

/helpop chmodes (this will give a list of settable channel modes)


To change the theme or colors, go to File > Colors, or press alt+k. The following dialog will pop up:


To change the font, go to File > Fonts. The following dialog will pop up:


To add or edit scripts, go to Tools > Scripts Editor, or press alt+r. The following dialog will pop up, and scripts are to be put in the white space. Once finished, press "OK" or go to File > Save As, and enter the filename to save it as. Also, make sure you are under the "remote" tab when adding scripts.


Quit the forums; my channel: #Phillip


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Nice, give us some scripts. Or links to DL then this will be more pro!

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Include the auto-identify command

There is no "command" for that. Here's a script that is for auto identify and auto join of channels:


on *:START: {server irc.swiftirc.net}on *:CONNECT: {if ($me == NICKGOESHERE) && ($network == SwiftIRC) {.timer 1 1 ns id PASSGOESHERE.timer 1 3 join #Chan1,#Chan2,#Chan3,#Etc}}

Quit the forums; my channel: #Phillip


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