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Tayor Swift


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TBH, I do not like the double Taylor, the brushing adds a nice effect, but consider putting in a C4D that fits then set the layer to linear dodge or lighten. Depends on the outcome u want. But not to bad. 6/10

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Pretty cool!


I don't get what's so great about Taylor Swift though >.>


You guys are obsessed, I swear


also, in b4 bill kaulitz and me being obsessed.

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As Coz said, I'm not really feeling the double taylor swift thing that you have going on. You should of just smudged around the focal & added in some suitable C4D's to get a better effect, also work on the text placement & style, I really dislike the text on this one. Maybe try doing a clipping mask on some of your text somtimes, but I like the brushing you've done. Also, add a nice LS when suitable!

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