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  1. I thought it was 75%? Link?
  2. Milky

    New Skin!

    Very nice, good job.
  3. I believe the plan is to have everyone make new accounts and start an entirely new chapter - one where enjoying playing the game is prioritized over winning, if that answers your question.
  4. What I like most is that there's no single. Sometimes Solo and I play entire chess games while waiting for clans to step into multi. But ye, you shouldn't judge it if you haven't tried it.
  5. If only Old Pk3r was this active on EoP forums..
  6. 1:46, did that guy lose 2 chaotic crossbows? wtf
  7. Milky


    Your clan accuses 101 Sins of ddosing you even @ preps when he's 7 hours idle [Tue] [06:16:20 PM] <[TLP]Eric> tell 101 sins [Tue] [06:16:23 PM] <[TLP]Eric> to stop ddosing ryan [Tue] [06:16:25 PM] <[TLP]Eric> seriously - [Tue] [06:16:41 PM] [101] is [email protected] * Adam [Tue] [06:16:41 PM] [101] has been idle 6hrs 49mins 8secs, signed on Tue Jul 03 11:27:06 lol You say "your clan" like you didn't just quote the same exact person who posted that. Looks really good though actually. Pretty lulzy how TLP is on the top of the list though. rofl. That pic was from our 2k11 rivalry, we'll make a new one if it makes you happy
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