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    i m a lemon
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  1. Obbyz


    Thinking about coming back. Anything to do on rs now a days? Oh and wtf did you do with my account Keith? >.>
  2. Runescape closed, everyone moved on.
  3. Obbyz

    LF klen

    Ye but only on clans i don't like. Such as EF. Good thing Vd isn't open LOL
  4. Obbyz

    LF klen

    real trolulu
  5. Obbyz

    LF klen

    Sawp looking for clan. I've been in Deception, AAO, EoD, and elysium. Been clanning since 05 and have decent stats. I like small med clans but idk I'm thinking about malice of th atm any suggestions? [
  6. Obbyz

    attack lvls

    80 for sure. I'm 75 atk atm but if I got 80 dung I'd get 80 attack as fast as I could =p
  7. I have to admit that elder wild guy is a ******* boss.
  8. You don't even know how bad I would roflstomp you.
  9. I liked the part where we cleared Trile and got free rice. EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
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