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  1. Yeah I saw the CP thing in your sig too, they are s#$t clan
  2. Venom :( Expected, good job PLS
  3. saw plus one and exited, fight them matched then talk big :D
  4. Daddy

    NPO Vs Hostility 3-0

    I liked the part where it wasn't Hostility you were fighting.
  5. Daddy

    Who invited Rambo?

    not even worthy of mention after that flawless victory in the 1st, aka the other clan left
  6. Daddy

    Who invited Rambo?

    my boy rolly hit it
  7. You all just use mith instead, which makes me laugh. maybe look at the vid again when mostly all of us had on monks n when we fought u only 1 person had on a mith helm just say gj n move on ur not even in ir wait what??? I(Lee) am in IR and I'd love to argue this point with you but I'm not going to because it'll just get nowhere, but yeh gj l0l :P Smart manboy.
  8. Daddy

    Who invited Rambo?

    put the team on your back doe
  9. 7v7 p2p mini, all n rangers, lose no one, was funny AF welcome back to blud fam rolly
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