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  1. I haven't played in like three weeks, wonder if any of my accounts that I botted were banned
  2. honestly what's the point in giving make believe awards to a community that only has two clans still some-what active? dead clan's don't care.
  3. konka


    No picture showing for me ;x
  4. konka

    Forum Issues

    Thanks for affirming.
  5. konka

    Forum Issues

    Thanks for affirming.
  6. konka


    Been around these forums since the same time as me! Cya pal.
  7. It's actually not a bad quest from what I've been told. Title sort of suits the opinion of a chunk of players though.
  8. Always sad to see such a top clan go. I was there, and a part of it in 2009 during a peak. Always liked FOE, and it's leadership. Best of luck to all of you.
  9. Good job EOP. I like the new RS, but I'm still far too inactive to rejoin a clan so I'll lurk in the shadows!
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