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  1. I didn't want to cut it off, I'm not embarrassed over a pul.
  2. Sucks FI had to close, because they couldn't handle a Runescape update :confused:
  3. Pretty sure the video said, the size will adjust soon. Are you that impatient, or...?
  4. Thanks for the fight MM, was fun :thumbsup: EoP on a prep streak 3-0 :D. EoC is honestly fun, definitely worth trying out & fully understanding :)
  5. Shouldn't CP be using Zybez forums now lmfao.
  6. Nice post, but sadly Pures are dead, the best thing to do is just close or adapt honestly.
  7. RIP Foe, gone but never forgotten. You guys were truly amazing, best of luck boys :(
  8. Was fun, destroyed everyone.Ttypical CP tho trying to flame, when they fought us unmatched & with 40+ Defence pathetic lol. Should stop using PureWarfare since yall went Main aye?
  9. I need one for a Montage I'm making, nothing too extreme. PM me on IRC [EoP]Joey or on forums Thanks :)
  10. Was fun gj today boys. :] Thanks for the fight CP
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