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  1. TLP was **** on RS glad to see it carried over to BS.
  2. Brink? Rs is dead mates, move to Battlescape then quit when you're too old. Easy as that.
  3. They can troll all they want everyone know it's true
  4. So I know we all accept Battlescape pures clan etc etc, but will we just move the old Rs clan topics after they close and completely transfer to RSPS? EoP/Hi/MM will close or go main, it's inevitable.
  5. How is CP a main clan when their name is Corrupt Pures
  6. 39 def is just as pure as 51 because neither is PURE Is that what you tell your members? stfu. Well it is what you've been feeding your members for the past few years :thumbsup:
  7. 1.) Came out strong and gave every clan we met in the wild good competition 2.) Never used dirty tactics to win 3.) Made CP "adapt" and become the #1 Rune pure clan. (Out of 2 clans btw)
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