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  1. [saturday, December 15 2012] Today The Blue Storm goes into the wilderness leaving nothing but bodys on the floor. With a great week we were looking to start our weekend with an action packed Saturday. We gathered up 60 Kings in blue hats later peaking at 65. To start our epic trip like the usual we are the first clan out. Walking up single strip waiting for clans to come join us in the wilderness when we heard of a fight between TLP and FOE going on at gdz hut, we focusd on TLP on the far east side, after clearing most of them with a few stragglers remaining we focused our attention on FOE. We wrapped around FOE from south and hit the north piling anything close to us untill word got around that TP was crashing and Massacre was coming from old gate. Knowing how terrible Massacre is we decided not to be little boys and run off with our loot, instead we got a spread south of old gate waiting for Massacre to appear. After waiting for a good minute or two Massacre being lead by the one and only Dripz can only run for so long, we got tired of waiting and decided to rebank. After many attempts to get a planned PKRI with Massacre we decided to put our attention back on TLP, rushing down from north of 18 ports, when we arrived it was a cluster of clans, but focusing our attention on TLP .The fight eventually pulled closer to sperm hill, With us banging out the kids who dared come inside of us. A fight eventually broke down at ports between Trilogy, Massacre, and Temptation on its way to crash (LIKE THE USUAL), With sperm being a huge cluster of mains/pures, to avoid a cluster we dipped south and teled out with OUR team 27 capes in our Inventories , Thank you TLP. Our next fight was against TLP; we rushed from the green hill down to hills next to sperm, and started banging the kids out who were north of gap, as TLP pulled south of it we stared barraging the clumps and dropping them like flies. As this was going on a call was made to wrap around to the east and as TLP was trying to retreat we caught them in a MASSIVE gwas sandwiching TLP in the middle of trees. Banging out everyone, chasing the stragglers down thru the trees and claiming OUR capes once again. To end an amazing trip we decided to fight TLP once more. We set up a pkri with TLP directly at dwarfs, with both clans rushing the fight seemed pretty even at first. Eventually with both clans making different movements the fight moved to gap and then north of the gap onto the white spot just west of GDZ. With TLP out-opping us this fight almost seemed impossible to bring back but we maintained our title and stayed in the fight. With our returners coming from both 90's and 78 tele we slowly brought back the fight and pushed TLP east of GDZ. From here the fight basically went both ways, with both clans returning at a rapid speed and the fight being at GDZ it's pretty hard to clear a clan. With a few calls being made and catching clumps left and right Annihilation looked pretty confident untill word got out that TP like the usual was crashing the fight. We moved a little bit East just steps away from single to avoid being sandwiched and tried to freeze off the TLP kids who tried to push through us to avoid being hit by TP. With TLP running into single strip we ran to magebank while TP decides to take pictures and claim fake wins while TLP Thinks they had cleared.
  2. Today on 12/14/12, Annihilation massed up 63 Blue Kings ready to make the pure community bow to our greatness as we went 5-1 in today's PCL. We had a total of 6 fights all around 50v50 and won them all against Massacre x1, The Last Pures x1, and Final Ownage Elite x3. Unfortunately we lost our last fight Vs Temptation but it was close nonetheless. Thanks to all the clans for the fights and good job to all our members, it was very fun. Halloween's POV Uploading.. Brett's POV Kierann's POV Uploading.. Annihilation Starting: 57 Massacre Starting: 49 Annihilation Ending: 42 Massacre Ending: 0 Annihilation Starting: 59 Final Ownage Elite Starting: 62 Annihilation Ending: 37 Final Ownage Elite Ending: 0 Annihilation Starting: 57 Final Ownage Elite Starting: 61 Annihilation Ending: 34 Final Ownage Elite Ending: 0 Annihilation Starting: 58 The Last Pures Starting: 57 Annihilation Ending: 50 The Last Pures Ending: 0 Annihilation Starting: 55 Final Ownage Elite Starting: 51 Annihilation Ending: 41 Final Ownage Elite Ending: 0
  3. We came, we saw, and we conquered. Today was our scheduled prep vs The Last Pures. We won all 3 rounds pulling out the sweet victory Vs The Last Pures. It was an overall fun prep and an swift victory over TLP. Thanks again for the prep, looking forward to more in the future. Rules - 35 Vs 35 Min - Chaotics Off - 1 Def - All off Halloween's POV Kieran's POV Joe's POV Round 1 Annihilation Starting: 47 The Last Pures Starting: 47 Annihilation Ending: 35 The Last Pures Ending: 0 Round 2 Annihilation Starting: 48 The Last Pures Starting: 48 Annihilation Ending: 29 The Last Pures Ending: 0 Round 3 Annihilation Starting: 46 The Last Pures Starting: 46 Annihilation Ending: 36 The Last Pures Ending: 0
  4. Sunday 9th of December, Annihilation finished massing with 60 members later peaking at 65. Today we wanted a repeat of yesterday and we got better than that, todays trip lasted 2 and a half hours with Annihilation going completely undefeated and smacking clans left and right. Jamels POV Part 1 Part 2 Since we're the strongest we were the first clan to head out into the wild today, we heard Massacre were behind us in Single strip so we got a spread on the east side of dwarves. Soon after Massacre finally rushed us from the east and got completely obliterated trying to get through the trees without clumping. Our south side wrapped around and we started to push them onto the north side of dwarves. Almost clearing Massacre north of dwarves Unlimited rushed from corp so we moved east with the remaining Massacre members. Moving east with Massacre, we continued to bully them and take advantage of their shit organization and we finished them up. Once the last buffalo dropped we turned to a north-south spread and turned our focus onto Unlimited. We were down food but up opts on Unlimited so we still managed to do serious damage, single spells and emptying of spec bars was called and then TLP rushed from the north east as we were finishing up Unlimited so we dipped south. Ending: Quickly after banking we headed back out up single strip. Unlimited then got hit at dwarves so we made our way over and saw TLP on the south west side of dwarves dropping them like flies. Almost clearing TLP, Trilogy crashed from the south so we pulled a bit east. Once again we took advantage of another clans **** organization and barraged the Trilogy members running through the trees south of dwarves. Trilogy getting absolutely bullied once again Temptation then rushed from the north and we got word Massacre were rushing from graveyard so we dipped south east to 26 hill. Ending: Once the cluster at dwarves ended we got word Trilogy and Lethal Tactics(?) were fighting outside of 78 tele so we teleported to graveyard and made our way over. We rushed straight east emptying specs as we went completely rolling over every thing in sight. Trilogy as always getting into a ridiculous amount of clumps just making our job easier and once they were cleared TLP rushed from the north east. Annihilation vs The Last Pures Now turning our focus onto TLP rushing from the trees, we started to push TLP further and further north. As we were dropping the TLP members they left behind while they got a hill advantage, we wrapped around it and pushed them back off of it. Soon after we got word Temptation were about to make a appearance so we cleared up the majority of the TLP members south west of Corp and dipped before they did. Heading back out to 78 teleport we met Massacre and Unlimited, this was a short fight since we out opted both but we cleared the south group and then rushed north and cleared up the remaining at the corner east of 78 teleport. Since no one was left in the wild and we didn't need a re-bank we went up to mossies and waited for another clan to make an appearance. Patiently waiting for another clan to enter the wild we got word TLP were at black hill so we rushed south east from mossies and rushed south taking over black hill. The fight now being around 18 ports Trilogy came from the south, TLP then tried to pull north so we followed them north dropping them as they went. After clearing most of the remaining TLP members around black hill we dipped to sperm hill before the inevitable happened, another clan crashing creating a cluster. Another quick bank and we headed back out into the wild, we got word there were some clans at GDZ so we headed over to join the cluster. Rushing through gap we met TLP in the white part eventually pushing them north of GDZ. Trilogy then rushed from the west so we ran all the way east of TLP to prevent being sandwiched. A while of dropping the Trilogy+TLP members trying to come any where near us, we got word TP were at new gate and Unlimited were making their way to old gate. So we dipped east running past Temptations spread and made our way to fight Unlimited at old gate. Annihilation vs Unlimited With us out pulling Unlimited by a lot we beat Unlimited pretty comfortably at old gate. Few minutes after we rushed they were bordering the single line trying to keep the fight alive. After a while of killing the 1 by 1 Unlimited members running into multi we said enough was enough and ran east into single clearing them up. While we were fighting Unlimited the 4 clan cluster at GDZ was still going on. A few of us doubting whether to join in on it we decided we would and got a quick rebank. We made our way over and joined the cluster, this fight went on for a while with us mainly pushing clans round and round the map. We wanted it to end so we followed TLP's regroup south west of GDZ and tried to split up the cluster. Trilogy then rushed from the east so we pulled west and started to 1v1 Trilogy in the white part. Fortunately for them their were no trees for them to clump around so they lasted a bit longer than usual but still received the penis. Massacre then decided to rush from the east so we pulled further west to around old gate. Now fighting Massacre and some Trilogy returners around old gate we had successfully split up the cluster, after a while the fight moved to north of old gate where it ended up just us vs Trilogy while Massacre were getting a re-group. Single spells and emptying of specs was called and we quickly cleared up the remaining Trilogy members before Massacre re-rushed us. Good fight. Ending:
  5. Probably I don't care as I didn't make it lol. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. [saturday, December 8 2012] Today Annihilation goes into the wilderness undefeated once again, destroying **** clans like massacre & Trilogy. We gathered up 54 strong warriors later peaking at 62. Ty for the free loots bch3z. Pending First fight of today, Annihilation heard Massacre was straight sitting at corp very lonely. We rushed Massacre from the west side and in minutes we destroyed the frick out of Massacre. The remaining 8-12 stragglers from Ma dipped east towards mossies, ceya. Heard Massacre was at bandits, so we decided to come up in there and bust those eedoits. We came from the south side and worked our way north. The fight went on for about 5 minutes, Massacre was basically cleared at this point. Unlimited and Temptation decides to rush us so we packed our bags and dipped with our loots. We got word that Trilogy were inside of graveyards(multi zone). Annihilation rushed it from black hill and the fight commenced. We battled Trilogy for a good 10minutes until they were mostly cleared. Once that happened we rushed south, as we were rushing south we met Massacre. Automatically we got an east to west spread and started to drop Massacre's opts 1 by 1. Considering we were all low on food from fighting Trilogy, this fight kind of made it difficult for us. We pulled through it, our N-rangers moved even more south onto Massacre and cleared up the rest of them. Tytyty 4 the fight The last fight occurred at Gdz, Massacre teled up to 90 teleport and we began clumping the hell out of them. Constantly clumping them over and over, Massacre moves north and we followed them. Before they could reach the gate they were already cleared so Annihilation moved west towards old gate. We met Trilogy here and began to fight them. Honestly there is really not much to say about this, we controlled Trilogy 100% of the time; they kept returning as we kept dropping them. Once they finally stop returning, we move south and caught a fall in to end today's trip.
  7. Just play Battlescape, the clanning scene is already huge with multiple clans already opened.
  8. I forgive your stupidity and ignorance. You are oblivious to pretty much everything and let jealousy blind your perception, but I forgive. i'm a better brid than you, i'm a better warrer than you, i'm a better caller than you! sound familiar?? ;P I already ended your career once young padawan I'll ignore your first ridiculous claim because we both already know who's better, clearly. The only thing you ended was your job at taco bell because you wanted more time to play Runescape. Get off the thread you moron l0l. [19:48:41] <@[NME][-`Jared`-]> lolz rip pepthith The legendary Jerb has spoken. /thread Btw hai hallo<3 Hello Nyk ^_^
  9. I forgive your stupidity and ignorance. You are oblivious to pretty much everything and let jealousy blind your perception, but I forgive. i'm a better brid than you, i'm a better warrer than you, i'm a better caller than you! sound familiar?? ;P I already ended your career once young padawan I'll ignore your first ridiculous claim because we both already know who's better, clearly. The only thing you ended was your job at taco bell because you wanted more time to play Runescape. Get off the thread you moron l0l.
  10. Sunday 2nd of December, Annihilation wanted to have a good start to December and we weren't disappointed. Finishing massing with 61 members later peaking at 69, we managed to get loads of action and go undefeated even though we got out pulled by 2 other clans. Thanks to all the members that came and stayed through out. Videos: For our first fight of the day we thought we'd pay Unlimited a visit, after rushing them at graveyard they started dropping like flies. Soon after Massacre decided to rush from the south so we pulled east to black hill. After barraging the buffalos off black hill for a while Temptation decided to rush from the north, we pulled south of everyone and then heard Trilogy were also rushing in. To avoid a 2 hour cluster in level 18 where half of our members couldn't do damage we dipped. After the ******ed cluster ended, we rushed back to black hill and cleared up some Unlimited stragglers. Once the last unlimited member dropped we moved south east to fight Trilogy at chaos altar. Trilogy sat inside chaos altar for a while but finally rushed out, once they rushed out barrages were called and we hit the trilogy clumps left right and center. Trilogy put up a decent fight but we finally cleared the few remaining Trilogy members and dipped with the loot. Quickly after banking we headed back out up single strip. We got word another cluster was happening around corp so we made our way over to dwarves. We rushed the cluster between Trilogy+TLP at vents and focused on Trilogy. After obliterating Trilogy for a while we left the few remaining Trilogy to TLP because we got word Temptation were rushing from the south. We got into a east-west spread on a small hill by vents ready to barrage the Temptation clumps as they rushed north. This worked perfectly and our east side started to wrap around them forcing TP to move further south. Pushing Temptation further and further south the fight was near the corner east of 78 teleport. This fight went on for a while since it seemed like Temptation were only returning in addy n ranging, soon after TLP made another appearance so we pulled south of TP to sandwich them. Clearing the remaining Temptation members east of 78 with TLP we decided to dip instead of fighting TP bordering single like so many times before. After a quick bank we headed back out to graveyard to hit Trilogy just south of 78 teleport. With them already being clumped up this made our job even easier and we completely rolled over them like they were nothing. Moving further east past Trilogy we saw Massacre just outside graveyard so we moved south to **** them up also. Being down food and numbers we still obliterated Massacre back to edgeville, good fight. Soon after banking, we teleported back to graveyard and heard Trilogy were at black hill. We also got word TLP were rushing from sperm so we wanted to time it and completely obliterate Trilogy again. This worked perfectly and after a few minutes of clearing up the Trilogy members we dipped east to pond. About to get another quick re-bank we heard Trilogy had started to have a good group at black hill so we re-rushed running straight past TLP and dropping any green in sight. Temptation then made an appearance and it became another huge cluster at black hill/18 ports. This fight went on for a while as expected and finally ended up in around level 15 where we had pushed Temptation almost into single. Once the last TP member dropped we dipped east to 13 ports and rebanked, good fight.
  11. I forgive your stupidity and ignorance. You are oblivious to pretty much everything and let jealousy blind your perception, but I forgive.
  12. The #1 Pure Team After our embarrassing lost to Team Pandemic yesterday we were seeking to destroy these kids today. We asked them all day for a miniature but Sketchy kept declining our offer, but we convinced their warlord 17 sins to accept it. It was a close fight throughout but it was an unlucky start for us round 3 since Malik got banged out. We paid back the favor by banging out Im Supreme by Asim's powerful D bow and my mighty vine whip. After he was down in 2 seconds the fight was already decided, The Unit won 2-1. Halloween's POV The Unit Starting: 5 Pandemic Starting: 5 The Unit Ending: 3 Pandemic Ending: 0 The Unit Starting: 5 Pandemic Starting: 5 The Unit Ending: 4 Pandemic Ending: 0
  13. Yeah it's been a while. I tried to recover my account multiple times but never got an email, so then I just guessed a bunch of passwords and it finally worked.
  14. The Unit is the single best rsps pure team to have existed throughout Runescape-type gaming. Our group consists of small but powerful and overwhelming members from all around the server. We are a miniature warring phenomenon & the longest lasting professional pure team to still be around until present time. The team was formed on a smaller server called 2Speced, we slowly dominated over the years and quietly made a name for ourselves. We are not only an exquisite accumulation but a prime definition of the word perfection. To join The Unit, you can not simply apply but you may be scouted. If under any other circumstances, you may be granted a trial to be tested by asking a member of staff depending on the day and timing. Obviously nobody could simply join without maintaining our capabilities and getting more comfortable with our members/community. Miniwarring Record 98:6 13:3 The Unit *Responsible for the closure of Team Global x6 *Responsible for the closure of Team Exposed x3 The only pure team never to have been bullied into closing. [Gods] Sharpy [Jesus] Lil Nick Halloween [Disciples] Brit Alex Ross Tylur Malik Drewz [Groovy Gang] Dan|Zetix Jay|Zetex [Retired TU Angels] Star Aras Jack Mocro Jordan Amenti The Unit's Media Www.Youtube.Com/TheUnitEnt
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