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  1. We knew EOP would be trying to go hard to pull high on this bronze fullout, and as a side note good job on sticking it out and continue fighting with our massive ops, so we peaked at around 95 people today for this bronze fullout war event. which brought back alot of memories of the good o'l days. Alot of props to Eop for fighting us outopted thanks m8s. Written by : ~ Adhi Daddy ~ Foe v Eop ~ Foe starting : 97 Eop starting : 57 This fight started with foe being dd'ed north west of Gdz hut, Eop rushed from the east along the f2p fence causing a map glitch in which it was hard to find eop members through out the fight. This caused us to push on top of them being aggressive so we could actually see them and get some kills on em. The fight progressed on and Eop pulled into hut forcing us to get in the hut on top of them and clearing them up. Some of them ran into single to avoid death. None the less was fun i hope we could do it more in the future! Foe ending : 90ish Eop : like 10-15 in single Videos : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Qr7fwu4H6A0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=svk37vHCwlE http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=LlILmcx8GFY http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2GGLgDfuZ8Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=zRR-ffG27og
  2. Kill orgy asked Foe for a 30 min prep in the wilderness. We set out with the mentality to out spam, out tank these mains. We all knew it was going to be hard even though they pulled 37, they are mains. Final ownage elite peaked at 75 Elites to fight K0. Thank you Ko for the fight hopefully we can do more in the future. ~ Foe v Ko ~ Foe starting : 73 Ko starting : 37 Final ownage elite set up south of new gate knowing that Ko was just north west of gdz hut. We sorted out our spread and rushed west. We wraped around kill orgy from the north east and the south west of there main group. The fight went on around gdz hut when we heard a clan was rushing we pulled off east killing anyone that followed. Once we heard news of the clan that crashed didnt have many we re rushed south east of gdz clearing everything in path and head out to dwarfs and beyond to bank our lootattions. Thanks for the fight Ko =) Foe ending : 65ish Ko : Cleared Videos : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1srZyi1lwsQ http://puu.sh/2fx2w http://puu.sh/2fx7j
  3. im 21 and i still enjoy it. I dont play much but its still fun in spare time. If not on rs ill just play fifa in my spare time so its w/e I am honestly not gunna take advice too serious from people who lurk around rs forums telling people not to play rs... think you need to look at yourself and your own use of time lol
  4. Looking forward to it. with the game back to how it should be a lot of changes have been made. Few things to know before looking to join foe. Rules: and the Current Process for joining foe in the early days of 07. If you are interested in joining foe or just simply want in on the hype or see guides, discussions or our new GFX (competitions are up and running for any1 to take part in) then come visit www.foe-rs.net Cheers guys, Good luck to all who reopen on it and hope you all have fun.
  5. im glad to see our enjoyment has the eop hot heads worked up... jheeze give it a rest and just enjoy yourself lilman.. is this because i said eop was full of scumbags lol? let it go pal.. just let it go it gunna eat you up insdie.
  6. I kinda see the enjoyment MM had now all this time! mains got ded'd. all good fun and something to do in the spare time.. enjoy
  7. simply saying its mirin and not myron is not correcting grammar its just pointing out how much of a clown you must clearly be
  8. 1) it is mirin you cretin. 2) im barely reading most of your essays my job is done and your insecurities shown for all to see. 3) you dont care, you all love life and love everything you ever did. funny that, a couple of easily written posts lured out all the lil eop mugs onto this topic writing essays and trying ever so hard to convince any1 and every1 you were epic and you love life... oh so much care as always you do as i make and allow you to do... good boys.
  9. WE GOT UR LEADER BOARDS ROFL LMAO OWNAGE PL0X posts pics of anywhere but leaderboards. disappointed to say the least
  10. reel them in. lets face it, we were better in every way. you have to fight so hard to try and justify anything you did. scumbags and worthless through and through. 'Eop did what we wanted and we had fun' you did what clans let you do and had fun with the scraps good boys
  11. justify it how you want, horlix helps my nan sleep at night try that it seems easier than your fictional beauties you keep telling yourself. if you were scared of tayyab nobody is going to judge you now btw, its all over.
  12. yawn goop, fact and fiction. you can have all the shots you want at it, it doesnt change what your clan was. Deal with it, live with it. I didnt mind you, but you just disappointed me to stand by and let solo and tayyab mug you off
  13. 2 years ago? eop has been labelled scumbags for the last few years ongoing. What was embarrassing was it was primarily down to retards like marty originally who was a ***** but 'wasnt' eop and just their host but just acted on behalf of them to do all his dirty work... that went for a while but mainly it was just idiots like tayyab and solo king... since one of the worst dox ive seen sent tayyab into hiding we can all see why he was so eager to try and thug online and then as for solo king i will never get other his constant threats in irc pms of what he was going to do to me and / or my clan. You havnt done much, certainly not a lot of what you have claimed or claim on this post... all you brought to the pure community was excesive ddosing and hacking. Scumbags. p.s. i should edit in i suppose there were some good guys, just a real shame they didnt have the balls to stand up to those who ruined it for them and their clan... you will always be labelled because of those people
  14. why are you playing on the whole got banned card? takes 2 hours to max banned of monday, therefore tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday alone gives you 96 hours... plenty of time, no excuse!
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