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  1. Omg Furious logged into PW Editing all my post b4 she punishes me. ^^ Prep us Please NME
  2. Shame this always happens to CP Topics because of immature ranks of other clans.
  3. Done posting Decent Replys. Just posting pics now.
  4. losts of History, but ive got alot aswell. Dont know what clan you would fit right with. Idle around some IRC's and post on some Sites.
  5. Lol, First. Looks like you did work on Hi. Cp woulda done the same, But my HiLeak ******* SUCKEDDDDDDDDDDDD Soz if he reads dis comment doe
  6. Wait, im pretty sure we kept a constant of 45+, and my leak informed me yall were mostly in lobby 2day, except your uhm...4fights..
  7. Was Fun, Minus loosing my d scim to mains
  8. This Geebs, and they've got a good amount of pot heads. You'll fit in nicely
  9. back to clan hopping huh? ty ;) Still in Hi Huh? Btw Whens your 14th B-day, ill come over for 4rn land and throw you a party.
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