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  1. Tla had 33, but we are 52s MM had less but they are 70s +
  2. the **** spelled out good :) Hi #1
  3. Pure Warfare Staff... U guys srsly need to Adv this site, or the few remaining people that actually use this will post on zybez. I want to see pure warfare like it was b4, hundreds of people viewing everyday. GL!
  4. Its been going allright I guess
  5. U rushed Cp with 30 ppl on a 15v15 mini... Not cool m8
  6. Anarchy X once again comes out on top , clearing EF, with another "blue" clan called SP crashing us right after we killed all of them. AX Starting : 16 EF Starting: around 15-20 AX Ending : 5-10 ish EF Ending: 0
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