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  1. ~Video~ Codi's POV http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_AIgh_TkII&feature=youtu.be We’ve been rather quiet the last few weeks due to a number of reasons but this week has been different. We’ve been getting regular events and turning the clan into what it should be – what we wanted it to be when we first opened. This week was the first time we’ve actually had a proper Saturday trip and that showed in the pull and the performance. We peaked at 27 and had number of fights. Fight started logging on top of some grey cape clan – we moved north and picked them off rather quickly. After this, EF rushed us and on the same inventory we quickly destroyed them too. We were spread south of the gap waiting for SV to come and hit us but after 5 minutes we got bored of waiting and were about to pack up and hop. However, scouts gave us word that a grey hat clan was running from the north with a significant amount. We thought about dipping but they stupidly ran through the gap and got gwased. We pushed through as they had like 5 left and finished them off. After the fight, we moved east into single and saw IR. We were expecting them to be up for a fight as they’ve constantly said they’re the more superior clan on 07 so we moved north eager to change this. However, they ran east and hopped as they would have rather hit EF but our ‘scouts’ told us the new world. We hopped there and hit EF and IR and cleared them up in about 5 minutes. As we were looting we heard CP were coming and instead of fighting 3 clans on the same inventory – we dipped. I presume they caught a few people but nowhere near the majority. After this we banked and had word that EF were once again fighting some clan. We hit SV and decimated them and had word that IR were about. Even though we were extremely spread and IR had the high ground we walked into them and ripped them a new ****. We heard that POP hopped to W2 so we chased them down and killed those who didn’t teleport. Before hitting some mains and ending. ~Pictures~ If you are interested in joining Epidemic, intro on our site: www.Epidemic-rs.net
  2. Scouted u, u had 21 before when u were walking up in single strip. Your own members stated it. But sure, u can see on the video alot more white dots then we had.
  3. I think EF kind of won this, looking at their vid it seems pretty clear. But good job for fighting them.
  4. LOL at u for thinking there wasnt a topic. When i posted on it there was a topic, derp.
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