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  1. would this happen to be you? little gambler aka gamb is the one who introduced me to pures, pure clanning, who was in Fi at the time thats me OMG LOOOL
  2. back in 2005 i was into masser clans (pinkies blackies etc) so ofc i bandwangoned the best clan at the time (for massers) ofc blackies.. it was all good till 2006 started watching pk vids (purple 0wnz ngl) and joined Fatality in late 2006 stayed only couple months and then left.. i stayed around clans like cpr and **** cus my friends where their but never joined another clan til 2009 (Corrupt pures) stayed till around 2011 then ofcourse most of you know me from Excel (best clan i've ever been in) and i was proud to have led that clan.. once xL closed i quit scaping, but i come on sometimes for main CP events.. PS I HOPE YOU LOVE MY TYPING BRUV
  3. lol Red vs blue 2011 will explain it all, not to mention MM
  4. well no-one want's to even scape anymore and xp is still decent.. espc when its non stop spec, either way come next time :)
  5. [P]ure [H]ouse [E]ntertainment Phe is a THURSDAY Event for pures to have a fun day enjoying fast killing and gaining good exp. ¥ Event Information ¥ Any2H+weapon and only and 2h weps! ¥ Starting Time/Date ¥ 4-10-12 9:00 Gmt 4:00 Est 3:00 Central 1:00 Pacific 6:00 Aus 9:00 Nzs ¥ Location ¥ Yanille, Portal World 51 #PHE ¥ Friends chat ¥ Optional to use is : Phtp_Channel ¥ Rules ¥ ~20 def cap~ ~No Holding Spells/Items~ ~Dung On~ ~Sum On~ ~Ovls Off~ ~Sol Specs off~ ~Corrupts Weps On~ ~No Pilling~ ~No Attking Alchers~ ¥ Heads up Event for next week ¥ BOXING GLOVES with special weapons ¥ Last Week Video ¥
  6. yall niggas be hatin brb uploadig my vid to show i brought corrupts after killing 3 addy kids
  7. um wreckless doesn't open til saturday (: goodjob clearing 7 people having a pk team unit though. guess this clan is slumping so much they'll take anything for a win =]
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