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  1. It's on the new guys to get randoms into the community. You won't see us old guys playing this game anymore or dedicating days to the community when we're all much older and have much to do with our lives. And I'm not even talking about my generation for the mythical years, I'm talking your past founders and leaders of the past few years, I doubt they'll drop everything in their aging to come back.
  2. Omni

    The plan

    Already gave a game changing plan
  3. I wish there was more than the same 10 people, for the past 6 years (not including you), that would set the example
  4. to enjoy "Free to play" warring Most people that play don't know what "free to play" warring is
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but I heard you have to be members, in that case why, on earth would anyone want to pay for FREE to play
  6. "Upgraded" lolwat. We tried our best to keep a lower version of the IPB board as it was easier to work with and much better looking, by far. So yeah tryna' be funny lulwat I'm so edgy and cool
  7. Known this dude for almost 7 years now. Sup chris
  8. Justinnnn come back to meeeee And Taylor owns my socks
  9. I took it all away, I'm gonna attempt to clean up everything and give this forum a fresh clean start. Everything will be archived.
  10. Bottom left "Change Theme". The only other option is the default IP.Board skin as the boards were upgraded.
  11. Omni


    Fayven for the moment
  12. Omni


    Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Turn your private chat on
  13. Awesome, you'll probably even do better than some of the clans re-opening, since you had a different style in recruiting. I see you doing better than alot of the others if you stick to how you were.
  14. Where are you going to get the supplies to pk? Hell no one will even have a rune hatchet or pick axe for a very long time, let alone decent gear for pking. I have so many doubts for clans rushing to open at this time or anyone that thinks they're going to even Solo-Pk anytime soon. Runecrafting, Mining, fishing, and Woodcutting are the most important things to do at the beginning, then you will be able to branch of from there into Smithing, Fletching and Cooking. People are forgetting that Law Runes are going to be just as rare as any other item that takes alot of skill to make, so you're going to have to walk everywhere, which takes even more time. People are also forgetting that once someone is able to even make a rune item that they can't even sell it to anyone because no one will be able to buy. Back in Runescape classic, I remember some woman giving out her rune items for that reason. It took years, hundreds of thousands of players, chinese gold farmers, and bots to create the economy of 07, and I feel if we do start with a clean slate, then everyone on this site is sadly mistaken on how things are going to go for this year alone.
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