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  1. So what happens when the server is shut down because it's a copy of rs?
  2. I miss f2p minis vs MM, CP and CH when I first joined EoP. EoP and MM would have the most intense minis. Obby, itz true G and Israel always a good challenge.
  3. Still pretty far behind Manchester utd.. Oh yeah don't forget chelsea is the first ever winner of the champions league to go out in the group stages the following year. Chin up mate
  4. i don't organise preps pm [NME]Marty lol you guys did that to me once, I managed to catch on by the time I reached Prat though
  5. They came to battlescape or you want them to?
  6. Mahatma's pk vid got me into the killers
  7. last three months we pulled 45+ 0.0..last three weeks we pulled 60+ 0.0 But you guys could barely compete with zenith from the start of new wildy when EoP decimated chain69 up until 3 months ago... Kinda hard when you are a 1 server clan :(
  8. nme were pulling 13 and sat in labby most their trip coz of us :3 HI l0000l shiitiest clan ever XD claimed soo much bs and couldnt even back it up XD dont think you've ever beat us XD I look forward to seeing us battle D: o wait you only pull 5 XD Why do you constantly post stupid faces? ;3;3;3;3;;3;3;3;;33;3;3;3; XDEDEDEDED ;0LP;0 XD Moron with a bowlcut. dis is my new fav pw poster
  9. have tiny chat session D: How about i come down to colindale and shoot you on your red dot, hindu. Athiest* also arent u fat with spikey hair? D: yes he is Confirmed
  10. i highlighted the actually true ones in red, the other ones made me lol undefeated in rivalries ? I'm surprised you've forgotten getting all but killed by eop at the start of 2011, especially considering that you personally were so sick of the dickings that you clan hopped to us along with chain, leech, mayhem, and numerous other ranks. Was lucky we got bored of having to sit in lobby on top of you for 40 minutes at a time to kill all 20 of you that were left in the clan, or we might have closed you completely. yo wtf put me in the top line of your sig tiny this video outlines why you are on the lilguy line Fair play
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