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  1. Site | Applications | FoeTube Videos of the Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l85_nYp7_Ic Round #1 Foe Starting - 26 Hostility Starting - 26 Foe Ending - 21 ~ Round #2 Foe Starting - 27 Hostility Starting - 27 Foe Ending - 25 ~ Round #3 Foe Starting - 29 Hostility Starting - 29 Hostility Ending - 17 ~ Round #4 - First to 50 Kills Foe Starting - 27 Hostility Starting - 25 Foe Kills - 50 Hostility Kills - 31 Pictures Topic by Jamie Join our forums and apply to Final Ownage Elite today! Don\'t forget to check out Foetube for the latest on Foe run ins!
  2. Foe approached mm for a fun granite maul war fight, mm accepted **** got real in a matter of hours. Result, Pure dominance out opted but never out gunned. Thanks mm for fighting us in such a short time period of notice respect! See you guys this weekend. Videos of the day! Join our forums and apply to Final Ownage Elite today! Don't forget to check out Foetube for the latest on Foe run ins!
  3. Videos of the Day. So today FOE went out and had the usual Sunday P2P trip with a strong 50 warriors ready. Wondering about in the wilderness we just so happened to run in with TLP in single at mossies. We walk around for a little bit in single and they dip into multi like wild animals. Quickly got our barrages and gwasballs ready and gwased them from single. They dipped more east so we said **** it yolo and went east with them and the fight kicked off forreal. We had a group battling it out south near west vents area and one north level 37 about west of the lava thing. Wasn't doing so hot in the north group so had a regroup to the south in the vents. Started fighting some more in the vents with a bunch of stupid random mains and people sniping FOE. Took it south towards ruins in the trees and TLP dipped a little bit after. We banked our loots and headed back out. Headed back up to northeast stairs and hopped out into a world that reeked of action and clans. Chilled around northeast stairs and soon waddled off towards corp where we saw a couple tlp which we banged out. Did jack **** around corp for like 30 seconds or so. Then out of nowhere tlp rushed in!! Getting caught off guard, we moved it east of corp and then spread north to south and pushed back west and started battling them. Killed some, bodied some, pick up our loots, and kept returning. Once the fight was getting good, MM rushed in and crashed. We went to single for a quick regroup and went back in and killed a lot of MM around northwest ruins bit. Tlp dipped from the scene sometime during this. After playing around with mm, fi crashed and we dipped because low on troops. Cluster After everything was said and done we heard of some **** going down at sperm (like the good 'ol days) and attacked the Zenith we saw. Zenith were already fighting I think, not 100% sure, nor do I care. Cleared them up and then boom Eop rushed in from south Hill giant hut. We pushed south into them and they all teleported away once they knew it was about to become an actual fight. Then once again, Fi came in on the cheap shot when we were low on troops so we dipped and teled. Ended the trip with a nice Bs fest that TLP soon crashed like dickheads. So with the yolo way of life, we celebrated the end of the trip with drop parties hosted by girlscanpoop and foe soul. Thanks to them. Trip Pictures: Written by: Devon Join our forums and apply to Final Ownage Elite today! Don't forget to check out Foetube for the latest on Foe run ins!
  4. d4rk mayhem on zalenka blended in with FF
  5. So are you the only one who decided EOP would win? What a joke of a tournament lol.
  6. Ahh did you boot a few non 99 summoners to get back in front percentage wise? Definitly
  7. The Real Numbers as of 30/08/2012 11:45 PM EST 1. foe - 45/141 = 32% 2. fi - 40/139 = 29% 2. mm - 40/171 = 23% 4. tlp - 27/126 = 21% 5. z - 16/79 = 20% Still onttop baby
  8. you are one cheeky kunt m8 etc...
  9. Statement has no credibility when you can't even put together a simple sentence. Dat dere college English failing all you Americans
  10. very nice boys Looks like our garbage that went to Frenzy really tainted their performance
  11. I Saw Fayuca and Brb FI attacking both Foe and MM
  12. We're much better at higher-opt fights I think. 1 Leader, 1 elite, and like 4 members. Looks like we're better off without them. I will be laughing when they come crawling back. They all do.
  13. AndyIbeat you need to chill out like these black clowns
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