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  1. inb410dollarmembership
  2. I always like the idea of clans going out to fight eachother on a weekend, but only that and that only. not any of the other ******** that comes iwth it
  3. you can alway use the 'view new content'. curse ipb board for thinking people have a brain
  4. looking foreward to some fights with you guys
  5. aTommy

    2007? da fuq

    woodcutting is the best
  6. aTommy

    RS Today

  7. u best b shoutin urself back 2 da clan warfare section
  8. People could get ****** over to 40 def+ by your clan anytime but they kept playing even tho they have to be on their guard against links, java drivebys, which teamspeak they joined and who they trusted etc.etc... So don't you tell me battlescape is unreliable compared to runescape lmao. Also the chanse of getting ****** over by updates is small compared to on runescape, as the admins care a lot about the players they have and the majority is involved in the pure community. Compared to on runescape where jagex do what they think is the best, and when they would listen to the players the majority likes chopping trees anyways. yeah man i lost count of the amount of times i went on teamspeak and then had 40 def lol'd
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