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  1. This shows how pathetic they really are. not to mention they have done things like this many times before and still closed before any other clan.
  2. It makes you sloppy too, since you kinda "auto-accepted" an council of Execution into your own clan. Hehehehe I had alot of fun on that trip tho=P
  3. One of the funniest trips that I've been on =P
  4. Hi going after that internet *****? =P
  5. Haters gonna hate. =P Looked fun to bad I missed it
  6. Agreed with my man Zee, I forgot how this was your first time winning something, feel bad for flaming. We'll let you have a plus 4 from now on, just try to win all 3 rounds l0l Pull more than 10 next time We didn't think you would pull tbh, but I guess merging 2 clans will get you some people... But sure, but IDK how you think you can compete even ops when you didn't even win all three rounds up by 4. GJ I guess your clan finally accomplished something? I'll be sure to take you guys more seriously next time l0l if u think of it, we won the prep cuz it was matched and they didn't sit sooo we won 3-0 by 2 autowins rofl. But i guess Ul needed that "win"
  7. Wait ur claiming a win on a matched prep where u did sit to the number of players we had...?
  8. on the clan warfare page i see all these topics with like 100-1400 views, then comes this topic with 15k views =O
  9. i dont think it was MM that crashed tho, that is just what we all thought we got crashed, but those who crash had addy and s*it so i think it was Ef.
  10. like 14 ppl got ddosed, 2 leaders and several ranks, They couldn't play for the majority of the trip... maybe they weren't ddosed during the fight vs Hi but they were ddosed for the majority of our trip,
  11. #YOLO pretty much the funniest trip i've been on.. I pretty much think we gave MM a good KDR lol
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