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  1. On this saturday we went out with 38, later peaking at 42. Got some decent, sadly we got teamed on most of the times Come out on top of a huge cluster, also fought cv, cp and eop. The first action of the day was a big ass cluster with Cv, LT, Dr, Zu and Remedy. We started by hitting Cv at bandits. After bullying them around abit, we got hit from the south by Dr and LT. all 3 clans were just focusing/teaming on us so we dipped to bandits entrance. Were we hold our ground abit longer. While being hit by cv and lt from the north and remedy from the east, we dipped west and regrouped quickly. When we re-rushed Cv was the only clan at bandits at the moment. Fought them 1v1 and cleared them up while they scattered to lvl 10 and lower. After punishing Cv, we went back up to bandits where Zu & Dr were waiting for us. the 2v1 was not a problem. First we cleared up Dr to the west as they dipped single. We turned around for the next victim. While we pushed Dr into single, Zu tried to hit/snipe us from the east. We turned around and started clearing them. Walked them all the way down to level one. Now please stop trash talking, 2 weeks in a row you're getting ******. After all it was clear we won the cluster. 1v5 NP btw, s/o to Cv for full regrouping and going back to bandits after the fight, and claiming the win LOL After banking the nice cluster loots, we got ourself a fight vs CP. We fought them for a few minutes and im pretty sure we were winning. Until Sv mains started sniping us and Cv came in to help aswell. We quickly dipped since we were not interested in another 2v1. Next up we set a lil trip for Cv Luring them into us, then hopped, and waited for Cv to hop to us aswell. GWASSSSSS We dropped like 10 on log in, sadly they stopped logging in then. After waiting around in the wildy for like 10-15 mins, our scouts found Cv at hills hut. We quickly moved there an hopped over. Started as a 35v35, but Cv dropped too fast. We cleared alot of them around lvl 14 in the trees and the others tried to escape. We just kept chasing them till lvl 1 RIP. Next we set up a fight vs EOP at ghost hut. We defended and waited them to rush. They rush never came as they just started logging into us. We quickly dropped some piles around ghost hut, and EOP started running to sperm. We chased up and killed some more. After that we got word of a clan waiting to crash, so they fight ended as we both dipped to a different hill. GF EOP. To end the night we had one more fight vs Cv. This happened right after the fight vs EOP. some members died, some left and we had ~25 warriors remaining. Cv hit us with ~40. Fought for abit and managed to drop some. Eventually we dipped as their number advantage was just to big. We dipped with 21 remaining (lost 4). At this point Cv had ~30 remaining. Traded 4 for 10 while being down 15, but i know you will claim a "win" Cv. Tim POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecm7n6sSBRg&list=UUh2XQrmFshMvfRnUaiY8JPw Lagg POV: Aquaxi POV:
  2. massed up 21 Supreme Warriors who wanted to do p2p. Had to sit a few to match Ascent. Respect to Ascent for doing a P2P prep with us <3 (Attack Round) Start: 17 End: 16 (Defend round) Start: 17 End: 9 Start: 17 End: 11 Tim POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=617z-wu5f_c Aquaxi POV:
  3. thank you for making me laugh.
  4. look at your name nothing more to say. thanks for the positive feedback guys.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDR4rzB1z8E
  6. Yes i knew that before fighting them , still fought them.
  7. Topic Written by Quode Today Hostility went out with 16 gold lions, peaked later at 19, and ended officially with 15. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLXFLM1R8LA Ok, now for the details . Today was a scheduled 1 day PKRI vs Ef, 15v15, with us attacking. Although humorously, the majority of the staff knew that Ef would have some form of invites there, it was quite surprising that so many clans (IR and SV) seemed to have Ef's location... the latter of which ended up logging in and ignoring Ef, focusing gold. Ef spread themselves just north of the gap, and we approached from singles south of the lava line, walking through the poison spiders to get south of the Gap. After we spread on the hills, we made small little darting movements towards the gap, finally drawing 2 or 3 of Ef's magers into the gap, which was a precursor to the rest attempting to rush through. We caught a couple nice small clumps, our lower levels tanking and doing fair work (cb 56 unit holla), when suddenly Ef ran south towards piper, only turning and piling us with their 6ish members left after they were through. IR as it happens, had arrived north of Gap and was sniping us (the reason Ef ran south), so we pulled south and focused on the last 5 Ef, trying to clear them before IR's own unit got to do more damage to us. However, suddenly there was a sudden new surge of white dots on the minimap, and who did we see at chaos dwarves coming north towards piper? None other than SV, who continued to completely ignore Ef's last 3 members (shoutouts to Swag and Goat, great tanks), and made their way into the remaining Hi. About 3 or 4 of us managed to escape the SV crash, however going through the poison spiders killed majority as I believe only 3 members total survived the fight. SV was off EF you can see that from EF's video. Feeling slightly annoyed, we decided to setup another fight vs Ef. This time, we went deep wild so as to prevent perfect scouting, and put our backs up against the waterline so that being sandwiched wouldn't be an issue this time . After giving them our loc and telling them to rush us, Ef were apparently busy "clearing" CP (00:07:28) &--#60;[EF]GOAT&--#62; we're just regrouping (00:07:29) &--#60;[EF]GOAT&--#62; cleared CP which was later denied (00:08:31) &--#60;[Hi]Alcher&--#62; (00:07:29) &--#60;[EF]GOAT&--#62; cleared CP (00:08:35) &--#60;[CP]David&--#62; ?? (00:08:36) &--#60;[Hi]Alcher&--#62; is that true (00:08:38) &--#60;[CP]David&--#62; no (00:08:40) &--#60;[CP]David&--#62; lol No matter how you look at it, you have to admit that waiting on a clan to rush you is fairly annoying. However there was hope as we finally saw a familiar scout appear, and shortly thereafter purple capes appeared on the screen. However instead of Ef rushing us, AGAIN it was SV. This was actually rather refreshing as we fought hard and got some good early piles happening, and were in the process of moving south when suddenly EoP appeared from the level 50 Portal, running up and pretty much finishing off SV, and killing a fair number of Hi members as well, although about 6 or 8 or us managed to successfully log. Obviously SV got the worse end of the deal, but I guess Karma can be a mean woman sometimes can't she? ;P. Following this we decided to end officially, and most members went offline to sleep (heavy 4n unit), but the rest continued to PK on w2 for a small bit. All around there was alot of smaller in-between-the-scenes laughter and jokes that went around, but if you want those you might as well just intro and check out the community. Look forward to seeing Hostility around for awhile, hope everybody had as good a Sunday. #clan-hi Site: http://hi-rs.com/ TS3 available on site.
  8. never had 20 in that fight had like 16-17 but gratz
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