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  1. i wasnt on for our trip but the same has happened to us many times with clans ovepulling, i think it was just hard to drop down to numbers on a weekend trip not sure what happend though.
  2. Quote from ts walking up to hillz " we have a spy but we know who it is, kill him now" 30mins later we still hit you, remember now?
  3. Today we set out on our normal Saturday trip with 24 strong members, The action was a little slow today but none the less we still managed to find 4 or 5 fights and have a super fun trip in the end. To start off the day we got locations on Exiled Force who were out with 12 people pking at sperm hill in random worlds, we decided to rush in and cleaned up most of the purple hats we saw, EF found out about their locs getting leaked but ended up killing the wrong person leaving us free to hit them again 5mins later, Thanks for the free loot guys. We got a clean fight with Hostility around Maze Hill, we rushed on top of the hill and made short work of it. Props to Hostility for fighting down numbers, was fun. Next we got a fight with BV at Hillz even numbers, the fight was really close untill we made the decision to clump inside the hut piling whatever white dots came close to us, gaining the upper hand we cleaned up most of what was left untill Execution Crashed. Thanks for the fight BV. Not sure if he's serious. Lastly we finished with a fight vs LT, outnumbered around 18v25ish we put up a good fight but in the end we were outmanned and LT Took the win, Thanks for the flame free fight again LT.
  4. That was eradicate crashing not IR, Gratz on your weekend
  5. "Peaked at 26" not sure if you went to school, but 30 is higher than 26.
  6. Little bit late i know, but site was down for a bit i think, Anyways... Today we managed to pull 26 strong Red Warriors for our Mandatory P2P weekend pk trip! After winning a couple mid week events vs AAO and EF we were very confident and set out to do work! We got some great fights with Epidemic, Against All Odds, and The Corrupt Pures. Much respect to Epidemic and Against All Odds for the flame free fights! Shoutout to all Eradicate's members for making this trip a great one.
  7. Today we organised a 10v10 versus Sovereign and came out on top, Thanks for the fight.
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