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  1. Didn't feel like making a big topic for this. Basically we asked for a 20 vs 20 today at GMT times and ended up pulling 40 people. We sat a few people and ended up fighting them in an about 35 vs 35 opt fight. We cleared them in about a minute but nonetheless thanks for the fight SV hope to do more in the future. Videos
  2. Lol these early fights look so funny. Good job
  3. LOL He's been kicked. Was still a lot of fun regardless.
  4. I took it all away, I'm gonna attempt to clean up everything and give this forum a fresh clean start. Everything will be archived. Ok
  5. Did everyone lose their "Clan Representative" rank or was it just me.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdLD24eRVs8 It's been a few months now since EoC killed off the pure community, feels like it's been a lifetime since the pure community was thriving and continuing to have weekly PK trips and Clan Wars preps. I'm sure most of us thought we'd never have the opportunity to have these nostalgic feelings again but it is official, 2007-Scape is coming back! That being said I’m proud to announce the return of the Eruption of Pures. We are currently undergoing deep preparations in order to be completely ready when these servers come out. I’m calling out to all members of the pure community, ex-members of EoP, and anyone else who gives a **** to come check out our already thriving community and to join the start of something new. Come intro to our forums, www.eop-rs.com/forums/, idle in our IRC #clan-eop, and talk to us on TS. EoP has one of the best, if not the best, communities in the whole pure community. If you want to have a good time with some good people intro on our forums and you may be able to get the validating member rank (This is explained further on our forums).
  7. I'm going to run straight to chickens and train to 30 defence before gettig any other stats
  8. 4 day after clan chat 20 days before godwars. Which I'm not sure if I would of likes to see or not.
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