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  1. EoP Starting: ~50 Ir Starting: ~50 EoP Ending ~40 Ir Ending ~0 Good Job everyone!! Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2KZ9YbYegI
  2. Lmao! Not 1 pic of the fight. Nice pull guys ;p
  3. Lmfao Karl u still doin this mate
  4. I MUST ASK. Why r nate and i in a darker red color then u. I CLEARLY SEE MYSELF AT THAT TABLE SAYING "HEAR HEAR"
  5. Shut the **** up or I'll leak your ******* mothers social media information.
  6. can someone start flamming me?? it's not natural for eop not to be in a flame battle, i need to enter
  7. looks like eop took #1 today THANK YOU!
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