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AZN's Goals & Achievements


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I. Introduction

II. Daily Blog

III. Goals and Stats

IV. Bank

V. Achievements

VII. My Clan


I. Introduction


Sup welcome to my goals and achievements. Also I have


Real Life:

Name: Bob Nguyen

Age: 16

From: China

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Favorite Food: Anything with Rice :)

Favorite Drink: Gatorade

Interest: Basketball, RuneScape, Family & Friends

Music: Rap & Hip-Pop ( Best Drake)



RSN: Teh_Azn_Pure

Account Type: Pure Hybrid

Started: Started on April 5th, 2009

Clan Name: Zenith

Clan Rank: Leader

Favorite Skill: Runecrafting

What does my RSN mean? Teh_Azn_Pure means The Asian Pure. I’m Asian (Chinese) so will be my pure. Well first AZN came from my Basketball League. AZN Formation.




II. Daily Blog

May 16,2009

Today I woke up and excise a bit. Then decided to check my FaceBook. After that I went on RuneScape. So far I got 36 Runecrafting. Trying to get 50 kind of hard. Yeah pretty much it. Oh yeah still waiting to full out PCR MG at 3PM EST.


July 19,2009

Today I didn't train much. Talked on IRC, found out PureWarfare reopened/ got activate back. So I decied to check it out. Looks good. Sorry didnt do much update.



III. Goals and Stats






Attack: 40/40

Strength: 56/70

Range: 60/75

Magic: 53/59

Pray: 1/1 (For Now)

Defence: 1/1

Hitpoints: 52/?









IV. Bank

Not so rich, May 16th 2009.





V. Achievements


More to come.



VII. My Past Clans and Clan

Past clans:

Violent Demise, Elite Member

Fatal Purez, Honoured Member

Eternal, Moderator

Evolution Pures, Leader

Corrupt Pures, Member

Tyrant Pures, Member

Atrocity, F.A Member

Engima, Member

Dire Revenge, Leader



Current Clan:



Once again thanks for reading/ checking this topic out!

If you like to be friends or chat add me: "Teh_Azn_Pure" or Ill be in "Rang5death" CC.

PM if you need assistance.

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Good luck on your goals. Hit me up on the site via Personal Message if you'd like to have a friendly fight, I think I've got a level 37 laying about somewhere.

Omni is my one. My only.
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<div align='center'>

Hi there, your now reading my <i>About Me</i> page! This page will consist of ways you can reach me, ways I may able to assist you and some information that you may or may not know about me!


<tag><hr></ tag>


<b><!--coloro: pink--><span style="color:pink" ><!--/coloro--> <!--sizeo:2-->< span style="font-size:10pt; line-height:100%">< !--/sizeo-->Contacting Me!<!--sizec-- ></span><! --/sizec--><!-- colorc--></span>< !--/colorc--></b>


<b>IRC Nickname(s):</b> Hatton OR [Pi]Hatton

<b>Pure Community Username:</b> iHelp

<b>Runescape Username:</b> Sp a r r o w


If you need to contact me for any reason may it be you request help or assistance or simply wish to pass something on to me, please feel free to message me on IRC, message me on Pure Community or even add me on Runescape 'Sp a r r o w'.

<tag><hr></ tag>


<b><!--coloro: pink--><span style="color:pink" ><!--/coloro--> <!--sizeo:2-->< span style="font-size:10pt; line-height:100%">< !--/sizeo-->About Myself<!--sizec--> </span><!--/sizec- -><!--colorc--> </span><!--/colorc- -></b>


Well, I'm 15 Years of Age and I'm currently living in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, United Kingdom. I'm a fan of several sports, those being Football/Soccer, Cricket, Basketball and Baseball. One day I'd love to play either of those with people that are better than me for a laugh and to see how I get on, as I'm usually pretty decent at those but better at Football/Cricket overall.


I'm a big fan of several music genre's, some of those being Hip Hop, Drum 'n' Bass, Grime and also Jumpstyle! If you don't know what Grime is, it's a UK based Genre which you could claim to be similar to Rap. It's now expanding to a worldwide audience instead of being secluded to the United Kingdom. 3 of my favourite artists over the last 3 years or so have been Eminem (Not so much his new releases), Ne-Yo and Basshunter. I think all 3 are pretty much in a league of their own when it comes to their type of music, but hopefully some others will start appealing with a new brand of music to enjoy!


I'm an Honoured Member on Pure Community after having my previous Elite Member rank removed due to several reasons which I'm not willing to explain in this page. I've been around since Day 1 and I remained as an Elite Member for around 1 Year 4 Months in total before it was sadly taken away. I've now been given a second chance as an Honoured Member and I hope to make the very most of this and make as much of an impact as I can.

<tag><hr></ tag>


Proud <b><!--coloro: #3399FF--><span style="color:#3399FF" ><!--/coloro--> General Moderator</b><! --colorc--></span> <!--/colorc--> of Pure Community

Proud <b>Moderator</b> of the <a href="http://purecommunity- rs.com/index.php?showforum=125" target="_blank"> <b>Media Emporium</b></a> and the <a href="http://purecommunity- rs.com/index.php?showforum=5" target="_blank"> <b>Runescape Arena</b></a> categories!

First Promoted to <b><!--coloro: #3399FF--><span style="color:#3399FF" ><!--/coloro--> The Staff Team</b><!-- colorc--></span>< !--/colorc--> of Pure Community in November 2007.

<tag><hr></ tag>


<b><!--coloro: #FFCC00--><span style="color:#FFCC00" ><!--/coloro--> Song Of The Week!</b><! --colorc--></span> <!--/colorc-->


<b><u>Ghetto ft Griminal - Don't Phone Me</u></b>


<embed src="http://www.youtube. com/v/4CMlRTmmVa0" type="application/x-shockwave- flash" src="4CMlRTmmVa0" width="640px" height="360px"></embed>





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GL with your goals


Will be good for f2p after


- This image exceeds the maximum image size (800x400).


Proud MM

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