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[PAYPAL]Cole's Starter/Makeover clan kit [PAYPAL]


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Welcome to Coles Starter/Makeover clan kit page.




Q.What is Coles Starter/Makerover clan Kit?

A.Its a kit for if you want to start up a new clan or if you have a clan already makeover your clan.


Q.What does The Clan Kit include?

A.Well there are three different kits and here are what they include.

Clan Start up Kit

1.We Do you forums which includes Skin,Header,Buttons,Member Legend.

2.Clan Banner

3.2 Clan Signatures (You can request More)

4.2 Clan Avatars

5.Header Images


Clan Makeover Kit

1.Clan Banner

2.2 Clan Signatures

3.2 Clan Avatars

4.Header Images


Personal Kit





Q.Do the Kits Cost Money?

A.Yes Look at the Prices Section.


Q.How do I pay for it?

A.I Accept PayPal only.



Clan Start Up Kit:$6.30

Clan MakeOver Kit:$4.30

Personal Kit:$1.20


If you have any questions please contact Cole on IRC or Pm me on the forums and I will respond as soon as possible.

**Note if you maybe have somthing you are wondering we can do just Pm me.

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