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  1. Though this shouldn't come as a surprise, we've decided to quell any uncertainties regarding our intentions for 2007 Runescape. Intense Redemption will be reopened, led by Zo and Junior. Zo first opened this clan in Late 2006, with it we saw the growth of a formidable med-level clan, capable of performing in both F2P and P2P Servers, as highlighted by our full out wins vs Zenith and Carnage, respectively. Due to the current nature of the game, Intense Redemption will be situated as a 30-50 combat clan until further notice. There will be a strict restriction on the defence levels, as well as the strict enforcement of the traditional honour code. What does our community offer? The most iconic song in the Pure Community is about us. Feel free to check us out at: Ts: Ir.ts3dns.com IRC: #irclan Forums: Http://www.rs-ir.com Zenith [Video] Carnage Evan's Theme Song
  2. Battlescape is so boring...
  3. Y r people still bitter at EOP about **** that happened two years ago? Goodnight sweet prince...
  4. :/ It's sad to see that a prep is not 9-10 people per side.
  5. i had junior and inu both admit that cpr smacked ir in the wild in irc :D You got me when I came back home from the bar. CPR was a nice, feel good story of unproven ranks with no experience growing their clan into the top 3 matched clan at their peak. Struggled in taking that next step, but that's more attributed to the inexperience of the leadership than anything else. It would have been great to see CPR have the structure to pull 70's, and maybe even branch out into the F2P server, but whatever.
  6. A collective gasp was heard throughout the Pure Community...
  7. Why are you so ******* stupid about it?
  8. This makes me wish I didn't step down so I could punch you through the screen and ban you off this site forever. Leech, don't talk about failures when you took a perennial #1-3 clan in EOP and brought them down to their low point. Milky & Goop owns
  9. Don't ******* bump useless topics you piece of ****. God you degenerate son of a deranged psychopath born through the process of incest...
  10. Don't regret joining Tragedy, because I met fantastic people in that clan, and subsequently afterwards.
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