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Pretty sure you all know of Zybez/Runescape Community, I'd like you to check this out!


A picture of their administrator and founder; W13.



My message to W13:


Well, I was wondering how my community (which is soon to have a website released) could possibly become "affiliated" with Zybez? Is there any sort of requirements or a way to submit an affiliate application, if so could you please redirect me to them? Our staff and especially our administrators are very active and experience in what they do. Please get back as soon as possible, my email is [email protected] - or you can send me a private message on our forums, http://www.pure-warfare.com/ thanks! PS: I'm aware that no other Runescape-related forum has a ladder such as ours, you may want to check it out : http://www.pure-warfare.com/ladder/




Pure Warfare Staff


W13's reply:


Sounds like you guys are a clan, well I recommend just following the clan site guidelines for advertising. See the "Great Hall" forum here on RSC under Clans section.


I just thought it was necessary to laugh at his stupidity (sorry for those who feel offended), but this is kinda funny lol.

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