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  1. i lol when kids do that whole "cya tomorrow" thing when they have no say in what their clan actually does lol, not just you but most people who spend their time arguing over rs
  2. ;p only beast at suckin ****
  3. nice pull u guys are looking stable
  4. if you mean clan pulls and the amount of clans then ive seen a steep rise... if you mean just casual p2p pking there is no fall its there are just no multi hot spots like in the old wildy we had hotspots for pures like hills, ports etc etc etc
  5. people have been complaining about the pure world being ****, this game being **** for years now. yet they still play lol
  6. btw nice lisp kid lo0l got em cya zack lololol
  7. i haven't read the topic or comments because i cba to see adults argue over who won in an online game fight at bh stairs; ir had us by the bollocks could of easily cleared havoc's second wave maybe would of turned into a 3hour long return fight if they didn't back off (ty ir for doing so tbh) fight at corp stairs: havoc tricked ir into thinking they were catching us on login but forgot we could attack from single to multi which we did we had ir by the bollocks and had em down by 10 within like a minute could of easily pushed and cleared their first wave but did not move from our spot because there was a 80% we would be crashed if we brought the fight down the stairs both clans claimed they made loot so that's good, leave it as that now stop crying most of you are 18+ i feel like a ***** playing this game let alone arguing about it
  8. every clan made bank was a good lil loot fight
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