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Real Life Name: Sebastian

RuneScape Name: Eseltreiber

Current Clan: Ascendency


Interests: Partys, Friends, Driving (atm trying to get my licsense), Soccer (Eintracht Frankfurt ftw), travelling and eating. Oh yeah and i guess Runescape


Current Goals: 1. Getting my licsense, 2. Enjoying my summer vacation 3. Getting a job after the holidays, 4. Getting a gf after the holidays, 5. passing my abitur and then going to a university after my military service



Additional infos: I'm 18 years old and i'm from germany ;)


Mass you might, mass you will, but organization's the greatest skill - Ascendency
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Beer: 16+

Whiskey and stuff: 18+


Driving: 17+


=> Germany ftw


Drinking - 21... gf Amerigay.

|Tyler| - #Zulus
8818 person to achieve 99 Mining

Omni was here lOL
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