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Team Outbreak Minis Ft: FOE and EOP


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We minid FOE.

Won 3-2

Started as 8v8 in round1. Ended up as 10v10s or so in the other 4 rounds

Ty FOE for the fights. Dont really want to go in a big discussion. Basically FOE got a 2-1 win. We then asked them for a best out of 5, and they gladly accepted. We won next 2 fights.








Next mini is EOP

This happened a day ago

We won 2-0

We left 2nd round.

This was an 8v8




If you love mini warring and are looking for a team, join Outbreak. We get 5+minis on weekends and 3+ on weekdays. We are a nice and active p2p mini team. Join #outbreak.

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(16:25:47) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got faking ddosed

(16:25:49) <+Yo_Kimbo> i got ddosed

(16:27:46) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> mm youre such *******

(16:27:48) <+[Foe]Sick`Away> stop ******* ddosing

(16:27:54) <+[Foe]Life_To_Dds> mm ur mothers irl ******* feqs

(16:30:21) <%[Foe]Xfresh|Jordan> its getting ddosed again

(16:30:23) <+Ultra> can we move to eop ts or something

(16:30:26) <+Ultra> 3rd ******* time

(16:30:13) <+Ikz> 100-0 cmon guys they didnt even hit you and u lost

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