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  1. So One day i decided to join a clan (2008) and i was new and never heard of Pure Community or Official Clans so i joined a Runescape Forum Pure clan called Hidden Pures. I did not like how inactive the leadership was so me and another member decided to talk and start a new entire clan and steal all the members from the old clan. (HEHEHEHEHEHE) We made a New Rs Forum clan called Bloody Pures. Everything was great we became the best Runescape board pure clan, laugh at me if you want but it was fun. We were undefeated in preps, even fought a zerk clan, max peak was like 35. I look at it now and i laugh how **** my leading skills were. I remember how i didn't have p2p and we had a war so i was calling through my cc and i wasn't even watching/attending the prep. I had this one member who decided to leave Bloody Pures and join Calamity because his Big Bro was in it. So i was like calamity? i never heard of them they must be ****. Than he told me all about official clans and **** like pcl that i never heard of. I was like wtf there is an entire other community. This got me interested. I did my roaming around and I was like holy **** we are just **** and can't go anywhere. I decided to close Bloody Pures out of nowhere and join Calamity. A lot of members decided to follow me and incomes this new stream of pures into the pure community. Other members who did not follow me joined Carnage idk why but i guess they got the connections. One person is my boy BIGRYAN who was warlord of TLP <3. Yes he learned the basics from me. Anyways after i join calamity i worked my way up to elite member. I than Decided to leave and Join fatality. I really don't remember why but if anything it was prob a fight i had with a couple of lower members. This was like Late 09. I was in Fatality when they were good and pulled constant 70s and all those great leaders were there. It was a good time but something was missing i missed my Calamity Friends. So i rejoined. I worked my way back to Elite Member. Literally the day before i was given Elite member i app 'd for FOE. I withdrew my app after like 4 hours and i was like wtf am i doing. So i got the app deleted a few members saw and it eventually reached p0ke, he did not know about this until after he gave me the Elite Promo, but he kept in to himself and didnt say anything to me after. So yea i got the promo I was one of the few who actually did work and cared. Calamity decided to go into a Hiatus. During this Hiatus i joined DP. I left DP after the Hiatus ended. This brought major changes. With the coming back i was given High Council. High Council soon turned to leader after me and another High Council (Zulu) demanded for leader and we got it because P0ke knew he would've been in trouble if we werent given it! Yes i was awarded Leader even though i never used my Mic, ever. I look at this and its funny :D So than one day came i was stupid. I decided to leave my Leadership spot and join Mayhem Makers in 2010. I was MM for like a good 2 months but than i left. This was the time where MM did not mini that often/weekday trips and only focused on weekend trips. So i left and rejoin CY Well Calamity Closed sometime after. I joined Destructive Pures. I can honestly say this time i was in DP it was prob the best clan ever for me. It really did teach me a lot and i just became good after that. Constant miniwarring everyday. and yes there were days when a lot of minis had a 20 def cap. that was during this time. P0ke wanted to to join in but i said no, my new home was DP. I worked hard in DP i was in for like 4 months. I was promo'd all the way to Officer. Sadly Dp closed the day after. I had the fortune of leading its last mini and my first time leading a mini for DP. this was against EOP we lost :( Since DP closed i decided to join Calamity because i had nothing else to do. So i Join Calamity again. It soon underwent a merge Fearless was reborn! Well i was promo'd to Warlord Fearless than closed after 5 months of being open or so cant remember.... We all joined IR IR was nice i liked it i got promo'd all the way to General. Than IR decided to close. They told me to join Foe and learn some things from there because they had a new plan of opening a new clan. So the day came Hysteria opened and i joined as well. At this point i told the ranks that i do not want a rank or any responsibilities they said ok :). Well Hy soon closed like after a month. During this Time Control opened (P0kes new clan). So i joined! Control was fun i was there for like 6 months. I was promo'd to Officer. I had no complaints just did whatever. Control closed. After this closing i was like **** mpc's im finally going to a clan that wont close. I Joined FOE. And from that point till now i have been in Foe. Been in foe for a year 2 months? something like that with an inactive period of 2 months when i quit rs for 2 months. I am currently an Elite Member i was offered to be a Trial Warlord but i couldn't due to irl problems and i love FOE <3 All from the span of Late 08-Present day In before i have the longest post (1000 words). When you have a lot of fun you tend to remember it :)
  2. This concept was Great i personally loved the idea but when reality hits you it sucks... All clans can not leave the "omg i dont wanna lose" or "Im scared shitless of dying" feeling aside even when this is literally the last weekend. Like seriously i understand but this is ******* f2p the only way you lose 500k is if you die like ******* 20 times, even if you die 20 times or lose your return sets it doesn't matter because this is the last weekend of the Runescape we have been playing since we started. All i have to say is i do expect more from every clan including my own and if this weekend is another lobby trip for anyone i cant help but just say WOW, im glad runescape is dying and no one is going to play this **** We tried our best, i put a lot of effort and the this event could have been great if clans aren't scared, Hopefully this weekend will have tons of action for everyone. My Words of Advice: Lose all of your ******* return sets this weekend because you will never use them again.
  3. no vid no pic? You guys are really happy over that win i see
  4. <Looks at my join date You are still to little
  5. O wow this was pretty unexpected Congratz to everyone else!
  6. Just a little of the minis that we do all day vs TLP vs Z vs CP vs F Thanks for the mini guys ^.^
  7. It was a really close fight, thanks CP.
  8. Gratz Fi. Shoutout to Mark for stepping up.
  9. Pm me on forums if u need help :] kk :)
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