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  1. damn epidemic.. goodjob foe on the win
  2. Nice Job ir and goodluck on our future fights
  3. If it was a capped fight kdr does not matter, its about ending numbers. But im not sure if its different with pures
  4. Gf foe respect for staying and fighting Im glad pures are starting to do capped fights with it being organized and stugg GJ to all eop members who attended
  5. So apparently there is a new update comming that is going to put pures in a huge disadvantage.. If clans agreed on getting def higher then 40, would your clan adapt and do it to? If not why is that?
  6. Hi keith Check out eop Www.eop-rs.com/forums #Clan-eop
  7. Looks like HI got stomped on lol Glad the favour was returned to HI for there actions twords david
  8. Heard my boys ron/david called for this one Good ****
  9. -Rami


    Goodjob tlp good too see weekday activity
  10. Gj fi the p2p pre first round was a complete steamroll from the vid lmao
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