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well hello, their pure warfare, my name is zach, i been playing runescape for 6 years, i been clanning for 5 years.


my first ever f2p clan was


brutaility-closed 2007


tryrant pures-closed 2007-2008


dire revenge-closed 2007


homicide pures-closed 2008


zenith v1-closed-2009


chaotic-was a app manger their for 3 months


zenith- i'm a current honured member in zenith atm


----about me----


well i live in flordia , im 17 years old about to be 18 i like to play football with my freinds, im not working atm so.. yeah lol well i love to listen to music, and play rs for my clan.


old accouts


t4nk k 0 3 r


i go pur ftw


papa shankz


cl 3 v 1 l


r0bin ho0d o


current accouts are


papa shankz


cl 3 v 1 l


Zenith bro


well thanks for reading this little intro pure warfare.


if you need to contact me or get to know me better,


#zenith 1rc nick [Z]Zach`Busy/[Z]Zachary`


thanks again. :cool:

Proud To Have Been Zenith.




Semptember 18th 2012




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