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  1. Hitttaa

    ~[Z]erg [U]nit~

    Thanks guys Except Piers
  2. Hitttaa

    ~[Z]erg [U]nit~

    Zerg Unit started off as a LPC clan with the "rebirth" of the LPC community. We came together to take on the likes of Supremacy, Trauma, Hate, Activation, Dignity and Mist. With clans quickly breaking the combat cap, we had a decision to make, either be left behind or advance with a goal to maintain our number 1 spot that we gained after slamming all of these lpc clans. With the community getting more active each week more clans came into the scene, but clans also dipped out. We quickly saw hate and mist merge into trauma, dignity close up, meaning the 7 LPC's quickly became 4. New clans appeared on the scene, we've seen Rebellion, Eradicate, Nemesis, Conviction, Leet tactics, Against All Odds, Destruction and Revenge all open up. We've seen clans competing in the HPC drop down to compete with the "LPC" division, those clans being Bloody Vikings, Ascent and Zenith. With the community rapidly growing and the combats raising more and more each weekend because of invites and people training, we decided to take our talents into the MPC divison. Despite taking on clans which have had 4 smaller clans merg into one, and clans that have been around for 5 years, we've held our ground very well, dominating every weekend. Watching our strong core unit grow from the beginning to now has been great. We've built a solid foundation and an awesome community. From going from pulls of ~15 to 35+ we have all managed to stick it out together, which all the other clans haven't. Despite having jealous clans calling us out weekly and even hitting our site/teamspeak and even members offline we still manage to kick ass on the weekend. We are the dominant force of 2014. We're the clan that broke out from the pack. We're the clan that can go toe to toe with HPC clans like EOP and CP in preps despite being down a 20combat average. We're the clan that held a 14 prep win streak. We're the clan that fights 40v60 and ******* wins! We're the clan that has put other clans such as Trauma, Bloody Vikings, Ascent and now Zenith into the ground! If you're looking for a kick ass community, there is no better place to join than Zerg Unit! Zu family #1 Interested in Zerg Unit? Come drop by our site and find out more! If you use Irc, our channel is #zu. Come chill with the crew in game in the public clan chat! All our latest domination can be found here Soniqs Piers Hidden Zachary James Dean AgeEyeraqi Shinobi Wish
  3. Eop asked us for a fight after the close FOE prep. Accepted it, having come close previous times before, gained some combat levels and took them down. Round 1: Zu Starting: 22 EOP Starting: 22 Zu Ending: 0 EOP Ending: 15 Round 2: Zu Starting:22 EOP Starting: 22 Zu Ending:18 EOP Ending:0 Round 3: Zu Starting:21 EOP Starting: 21 Zu Ending:15 EOP Ending:0 Ty EOP <3 Grats chrishy
  4. Its turned into that anyways with Mith and Addy.
  5. Thanks guys, I know where I'm going
  6. Im a level 53 with 77 range. People around 50-60 preferably
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