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  1. Ryan you are a little ***** for taking my op you guys are dead to me
  2. hahha armin is going to be on my nuts next time I come on Irc for missing this, Goodjob guys
  3. Great job guys everyweek I check you guys are always improving, looking forward too this sunday should be a fun
  4. Lawson


    You are a legend
  5. It doesn't matter, all I know is our kdr went from being negative to being positive
  6. Lawson


    Give #Zenith a shot, active in both servers, preps everyday, stable and reasonable leadership, an organized as **** I know you were in NPO maybe try a different scene or in perspective the way we do ****
  7. ~ Zenith's Tasty Tuesday ~ Today was filled with Mini's, Preps, and Unofficial Pk Trips. We had around 35-40 In teamspeak all the time, and PK'd over 60m during the unofficial. Our day started with a nice26 vs 26 vs Hostility in F2P. We came out with a nice 3-0, and then started a mass for our P2P Prep Vs Fatality. We lost 2-1, but was amazed with our performance, and thanks for giving us a nice respectable prep. After the P2P Prep Vs Fatality, we got our Gear ready to roam the wilderness. Today's Unofficial PK Trip Was Truly one of the best ones in a long time. Whether it the laughter, to the loot, to the amount of action and members who attended where most satisfied. If you want to PK with us, idle in our irc ( #Zenith ) and message a OP and we will let you glady come. Thank You for Eruption of Pures for giving us Numerous Fights in our Unofficial. It really made the trip enjoyable. Look forward to more. Final KDR Of The Day: [8:48pm][Z]Bot-:Stopping the Kdr tracker, Ended with Kdr: 3.204082 Kills: 157 Deaths: 49. Videos Will Be Up Shortly...
  8. if I was in Intense Redemption I would be ashamed, but again this retard is back... [9:11pm] [iR]Hotkeying: im just on irc to tlk **** bro [9:11pm] [iR]Hotkeying: i dont care what u do [9:11pm] [iR]Hotkeying: sikkkkkkkkkkkcunt Words Come With Actions
  9. Check out Zenith we are the #1 Med Level Clan www.Zenith-Rs.Com
  10. Because we have 10 active girls in our ts daily
  11. Ashamed we had to sit half our clan when you are the ones that approached us for the prep. Oh and nice try ddosing our ts:)
  12. Don't know if this is good or bad, a p2p based clan almost loosing to cp in p2p gj
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