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complexity closes

cx ftw yes

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yes complexity has closed. i bet half of you don't care but i would just like to say rip to one of the many clans to take ftp by storm. we had constant 50 pulls on Saturday trips taking on clans with more experience then us such as ir, ch z, fearless, despecrutive pures before they closed and a lot more. are mini war organization was epic. we had won a 15 vs 15 with foe witch is pretty good if you ask me and 1 round with fi. only 6 months but it was a epically fun time.


if you wanna see are 6 months of fun and great times check out are you tube channel




rip ftp warriors

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Really does annoy me to see clans like CX closing who was one of our main competitors we need more competition not less. Although i hated most of you its sad to see you closing, RIP. :)

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RIP, gl everyone.


Edit: Reason why it closed?

I heard leadership went inactive/was inactive. Not sure though


OT: sad to see you guys close, was fun clan to mini and fight overall.



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