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  1. I'm with you, pal. Unfortunately, I only moderate.
  2. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator. Reason: Deal with it elsewhere. If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, Pure Warfare - The #1 Community for Pures Staff
  3. Good luck. But please refrain from making vague topics; it only leads to spam.
  4. I voted even though I won't play :)
  5. I'll try it, but I doubt Fatality will come back.
  6. Server jumping won't satisfy your yearning for the old days. My suggestion: Move on. Btw, I hope you're doing well :)
  7. He actually seemed sorry for the horrible content added to the game. Guess it's pretty obvious that Jagex have lost a substantial amount of money this past year... and he knows it.
  8. He probably made a few hundred from donators.
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