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Mc||Adz My Intro :)


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Orite all :)


Some of you (small amount) would know me from TGG as Ownorko or Mc 5n1p3r.


My real name is Adam, a lot of people call me Adz or Adzy and I'm 15 from B'ham in the UK.


I actually come up with the idea of this system (was going to be named Pure BattleGround)

But I didn't have the full knowledge of setting one up so Karl then put it to the test and

made this awesome community :)


Glad it's up and running, love it :D



My interests are mainly Editing (3d and special effects now), simple Html and just starting


Some people who are in DP / DV or C may know me from my radio (truebeatz).


Post about yourself :) I would love to meet some

of you on here ;)



ex *Leader of:
Ancient Pures(AP), Enraged Pures, Moratorium, Red blade hunters, Phoenix elites, Team PB. (old clans/teams)

been a member of: ToonScape, L2L, RBH, UBH, TGG, MM, FI, EG, C ;)!
Account- 0oft (aka mc 5n1p3r)
YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/ownorko
Subscribe if you don't mind watching latest pure pking videos ;)

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