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Jenadyn :)


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Hi, my name is Jenadyn Muna Sablan.


Anyways, I'm 18 years old as of April 23rd.

I live on a small island called Guam.

I'm the youngest of my family. (3 older brothers)

I'm into all sorts of sports and activities but most of all I LOVE volleyball probably one of my favorite sports to play.

I love watching basketball (NBA) and I love the Cleavland Cavilers. (go cavs!)

I love animals especially my 21 rabbits 3 dogs!

I've been playing runescape for about 3 years and never stopped playing lol.

You can find me in my IRC channel #Jenadyn if you need to talk to me, I'm usually in there whenever I'm on the computer.



*I might be editing in some more information, It's pretty late here so yeah :P*

Goddess since 07'

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Calm down mate, I know what you're like.. lika' cheetaahhh! ;)


OT- Welcomee Jenadynn :D Ok if I call you jena?



Good to see some females with style on the forums :P

Hope to seeya' around.

ex *Leader of:
Ancient Pures(AP), Enraged Pures, Moratorium, Red blade hunters, Phoenix elites, Team PB. (old clans/teams)

been a member of: ToonScape, L2L, RBH, UBH, TGG, MM, FI, EG, C ;)!
Account- 0oft (aka mc 5n1p3r)
YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/ownorko
Subscribe if you don't mind watching latest pure pking videos ;)

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