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Herro i'm SpIt. Everyone calls me SpIt or SpIttles. Where did I get the name from? I can't tell you.

I play this game called RoonScape. My RuneScape name is Joemomma826 and no, I did not create this account either do I take credit for most of the stats.


But seriously, I got SpIt and SpIttles from my old pure account, Sp1t You Out which is owned by another person now. I got the name from Bullet From My Valentine - Spit You Out... Unfortunately Spit You Out was taken so I just added a 1 which worked out fine. I'm currently in a pure clan called Ascendency.



Welp, thats all you shall know from me. Toodles

Elder of FOE. Never outclassed.

Proud to have been apart of the Ownage.

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